8am: Humans get up and let me out. I ignore them. Still not happy about being put away during the night.

10am: BREAKFAST TIME!! Libby picks up my food bowl and walks to the kitchen, I follow her at full speed, usually slipping over on the wooden floor in excitement. (I do wish they’d carpet the place.) When I hear the food dropping into the bowl I’ll circle her feet to tell her to hurry up, she laughs and tells me I’m like a dog, which I personally find pretty offensive, besides breakfast is no laughing matter.

11am:  After breakfast I’m pretty exhausted so it’s time for a nap, my favourite spot to sleep is under the sofa or the table.

12pm: Feeling peckish after my nap, I make my way to the coffee table in search of a magazine to nibble, I’m pretty sure I spotted the latest issue of Good Housekeeping lying around here somewhere. Libby shoos me away and says something about the ink being bad for me, it doesn’t stop me though. Besides, I’m not taking health advice from her, I’ve just watched her eat five custard creams in a row.

Bunny and little girl

2pm: Libby comes over and sits down next to me, I’ve trained her to stroke between my ears when I nudge her with my nose. When I’m satisfied I lean up and lick her face. She thinks I’m being affectionate, little does she know I’ve just eaten a bit of my own poo.

3pm:  I go and chill in my cardboard castle for a while. There’s still some renovation work to be done, this includes ripping down doors, chewing the walls and making windows bigger. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

Bunny in cupboardSometimes I’ll do something really naughty. Here I am in my food and treat cupboard

4pm: I may have just awoken from yet another nap, but now it’s time to go exploring. I run around the living room at top speed, throwing myself into the air when I’m happy and excited

5pm: I see Libby sitting on the sofa typing away at her laptop, it looks like fun. I go and walk all over the keyboard.

6pm: Libby is sitting on the sofa chewing on an apple. want some apple! Maybe if I climb up and sit on her shoulder and stare at her for long enough she’ll succumb to my cuteness.. She does! I love apple

8pm:  Both the humans are sitting on the sofa watching something. I don’t believe they’ve given me enough attention in the past 20 minutes. I dramatically throw myself to the floor, fluffy belly in the air. One of them reaches down to stroke me. Bingo.

10pm:  All worn out after a hard day of causing mischief. Time to snuggle up on the sofa with my humans

bunny sleepingNight Night!