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Today is Gingerbread Buttons’ first birthday.
I’m not one known for keeping up my hobbies, and loose interest far too quickly. You only need to look into my history of pastimes to see I’ve issues with commiting to things. Swimming – Got bored, Subakdo – quit after a month, ATC – lost interest, guitar – didn’t like it, bass guitar – got bored.
You get the picture.
But with blogging, it’s been different. Blogging is something I’ve enjoyed and really thrown myself into. I have never in my life been able to keep anything up for over a year. So the fact that I’ve found something that I actually enjoy, that absorbs all my time and commitment, that’s a BIG thing for me.
Not only have I found something more productive than sleeping and playing video games (on a side note, how awesome is GTA5?!) but I’ve also met people that I can call genuine friends and that can only be a good thing.

Anyway, I thought I’d have a little recap of my very first year of blogging. It’s been a year of firsts, and a year of favourites. As well as a year of super duper awesome opportunities.
Grab yourself a cuppa and a slice of Birthday cake and I’ll begin.

(If you want to read the posts just click on the underlined title bit and you shall be transported there)

My first blog post


Major cringe alert! My first ever blog post was a review on some jewellery had bought. The photographs are awful and make me realise just how far I’ve come photography wise (although I’ve still a very long way to go) I mean seriously, what is going on with that vignette?
I can’t help but admire how healthy my hair looks! This was pre-bleaching and colouring I’m almost tempted to go back brown, almost. Having bright coloured hair is just far too much fun at the moment!


My first outfit post

Skirt 3

My first outfit post is certainly ..interesting? Again, I feel my photography skills have come on leaps and bounds.
I altered this skirt myself which I’m pretty proud of, I’m not sure about the roll neck however. I remember I was going through a phase where I was trying to make roll necks happen, unfortunately I didn’t have a Regina George to set me straight.
As you can see, I havem’t quite mastered the #fbloggers pose yet. Don’t worry though, I’ll get there in the end

  My favourite things


In this post I shared with you a little secret, my extensive collection of Very Hungry Caterpillar merchandise, which has since grown.
I think this is where I started projecting more ME into my blog, showing you what I like and who I am.

My first blogger meet up


This is where blogging got really exciting for me. After moving away from my little home town, and into the big ugly city I found myself very alone. As soon as I got wind that there was a blog event happening in the North East I threw myself at it, because REAL LIFE HUMANS!! (Sad I know, but like I said I was pretty damn lonely)
Meeting new people has become my favourite thing about blogging, and I try and go to as many events as possible because I like nothing better than a good old natter to like-minded people.

My favourite post so far

A letter to Mike Jeffries

This is probably my favourite post so far. Not because of its content, but because it was just so much fun to write. I’m a sarcastic twat. I like having a moan, I like having a rant and this was the first time I did those things on my blog. Luckily it got a pretty good response and I’ve written a few more moany posts since. Although I like to keep my blog a positive place, so I do refrain from these sorts of posts until I deem them absolutely necessary

My favourite outfit

Vintage Bunny

This super simple outfit post has got to be my favourite. I love the cute shirt and bright hair (I really miss my orange hair)
I also love that my bunny features in the photos, he’s a huge part of my life and I love including his fluffy little face on my blog.

Now to get soppy.
Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has made this blogging year awesome. When I started this blog I didn’t think anyone would read it, let alone have almost 400 followers! I feel so accepted in this little blogging community, and I love that I can speak to people online who I’ve never even met, but I’d still consider genuine friends. That’s awesome.

Can’t wait to see what this year brings! Ciao for now