Hello I’m Libby! (Or Liberty if you’re my mother)circlelibby

I’m a 20 year old dwelling in the North East of England. And no, I’m nothing like the people on Geordie Shore, I’m not even a real Northerner.

In my natural habitat you will find me in an oversized jumper, trying to scrape my unruly bob into a bun, surrounded by clutter with my hands clasped firmly around a mug of Earl Grey (or gin) and my two house rabbits hopping around my feet.

I’m an animal lover and a vegan. I refuse to buy products from companies that test on animals, and occasionally blog about cruelty free make up I’ve found or vegan things I’ve eaten.

I live with my best friend, who also happens to be my boyfriend of 5 years. He’s a top notch guy. We also share our home with 2 bunnies, Bunny and Boo. You can read about them here and here

Feel free to take a look round my little slice of the web, or contact me at [email protected]