A letter to Mike Jeffries

Dear Mike,

I read about you in an article yesterday. From the few paragraphs that I could stomach, I derived one thing, you’re a bit of a twat.
We brits, now I’m going to assume you’ve heard of Britain, and aren’t so small minded as to believe the world consists only of the US and the third world countries that mass produce your size discriminating tosh. We brits, do tend to use the word “twat” lightly, but in this instance please read it as the highest possible form of twat there is. Because that sir, is what you are.

Everything about your brand is wrong, now I don’t just mean the cargo pants that should have been forgotten about two decades ago, and don’t even get me started on the fact that you only employ “good looking people”.  I mean the attitude and ethos. By discriminating against larger sizes because they aren’t what you find hot, you’re telling your consumers, most of which are impressionable young people might I add, that placing themselves above others because of size and looks is acceptable.
Little news flash for you Mike, it’s not.

You see Mike, I just can’t comprehend your reasoning behind not selling female clothing any bigger than a size 10. You say it’s because you only want “thin and beautiful” people to be be seen in your clothes. You want your customers to feel like one of the “Cool Kids”.
I’ve never used weight as a determining factor as to whether or not I think a person is cool. Maybe I’ve been going wrong my whole life, but I tend to look at other characteristics such as if they’re a Tarantino fan or, if they can reference comical YouTube videos, or down the most Jägerbombs without vomiting up their lunch (just kidding, Jäger is NOT cool, and can cause loss of memory, phones, and dignity.)

I do feel sorry for you, maybe you were picked on as a kid and excluded from the cool group, and as a result this emotion has festered in the back of your mind, following you to adulthood and consuming your very being, till you sculpted a brand that can be your very own “cool club” only for the elite and thin.
Or of course, it could be the polar opposite and you’ve always been popular, and spent your childhood shoving the heads of unpopular kids down the toilet like you’re in some 90s teen movie.

It’s a shame I hate everything you stand for, you’d probably like me. I’m a US size 2. That’s what you look for in a person isn’t it? That’s right it’s not just “fat” chicks you’ve infuriated, you’ve pissed off your target market too.
Now it’s not the fact that you don’t sell the clothes that bothers me so much, Evans doesn’t cater to my size and I don’t get my knickers in a twist about that, it’s your disgusting reasoning behind it.

I’ve never purchased an item from Abercrombie and Fitch before, and because of your vile attitude, I never will.

Yours truly,

Liberty Arnold