Blue Lipstick

Bonus points if you recognised the Regina Spektor lyrics in the title. I was torn between those or lyrics from that Eiffel 65 song. I went for the former, as it’s ever so slightly less cheesy.
Anyway, I’ve dyed my hair. Yes, AGAIN.
This time I went for blue, a colour I’ve never actually been before. At first I was a little unsure it’s pretty in yo’ face but it’s certainly grown on me! (It even matches my work colours, WINNING)

As much as I mess around with my hair, one thing I tend to keep strictly the same is my make up. I can sport bright pink hair like I was born with it, but the thought of anything other than my trusty black liquid eyeliner and maybe some red or burgundy lipstick scares the bajebus out of me.
My biggest worry is drawing attention to my lips. I think the fear probably stems from when I was younger and people would pick on me because of my lips. I don’t actually have a cupids bow, my lips were a funny shape thanks to braces and I got named “kipper lips” as a result. Although I gotta give it to ’em that’s a pretty inventive nickname.

Anyway, as I was going through my make up the other day, I discovered Lush Emotional Brilliance in Motivation* is a perfect match to my new hair colour. The great thing about the Emotional Brilliance range is that you can use the products anywhere, for example I’ve used something purchased as a lipstick as a blusher! So I took the plunge and put it on my lips. I’m not going to lie, all I can see when I look at these photos is Joey Tribbiani in the Japanese lipstick advert

joey lipstick

Yeah. Not the most glamorous.
I don’t think I’d ever have the guts to leave my house like this, but it’s always fun to play dress up.

The gorgeous headband I’m wearing is from Prairie Charms and I won it in a Twitter competition! It makes me feel like a princess as well as matching my hair! Also it SPARKLES. (I’m 19 going on 9.)

Blue Hair

So I think I’ve rambled on about nothing for quite enough now. I basically just wanted to show you my hair, but have ended up telling you my life story in the process. Soz guys.