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Today I’ve been feeling oh-so-professional as my business cards have arrived! I ordered them from Moo and I was so excited I thought I’d do a quick blog post on them.
The illustration on the front of the cards is by the super duper talented Carly Watts. Carly has done quite a few blogger illustrations and about a month ago I became one of them! (You can read her blog post and see the full image here) I was so flattered that she drew me and absolutely smitten with how they turned out. Carlys attention to detail is amazing, I mean look! She even included bunnies and buttons!!
Gingerbread Buttons

After a few failed attempts at designing my own, I asked Carly if I could use her illustration for my business cards and I’m so happy she said yes!
I paid a little extra to get the rounded corners as I thought they would look cute (and I’d also be less likely to get a paper cut.) I’m really happy with the service from Moo, it was so easy to upload and resize the image, and not to mention the speedy delivery. They were due to arrive by the 25th but they arrived on the 19th so hip, hip, hooray!

Blogger business cards

Look at the Bunneh!!! The cards are pretty thick which I’m really happy with and it’s all really good quality. I paid about £16 for 50, which is pretty fair. I think next time I order them I’d probably change the text and make it a bit bigger. But as I’ve said, overall I’m super happy with them, and they even came in a nifty little box so I am armed and ready to hand them out at all upcoming events!

Business Card Moo

If you plan on ordering from Moo then don’t forget to look around online for discount codes. I got free shipping, saving me £3.25 by using the code Q8S5KW at checkout!
I’d love to know what you think of my new business cards. And be sure to check out Carlys blog here