It’s no big secret that I’m pretty pale. Not the gorgeous Snow White or English rose kind of pale, more the “Oh you’re looking ill today” kind.

I’ve never been that bothered about my lack of tan, but having the complexion of death does come as quite a hindrance in the make up department, with nearly all foundations being too dark on my skin. That’s where Dainty Doll comes in, a make up range designed especially with us fair females in mind.

I’m aware the Dainty Doll make up range is no new thing, but I’ll sum it up in just in case you’re clueless. (sorry, but where have you been?!) Dainty Doll was launched by Girls Aloud singer and fellow pale lady, Nicola Roberts as make up designed with fair skin tones in mind.

I’m a penniless student so when it comes to make up, I opt for MUA not MAC. Although available at boots, Dainty Doll has always been out of my price range, until I saw it on Fragrance Direct, selling for considerably cheaper than RRP.  I thought I’d treat my pasty face to some new make up, and here’s my verdict.

Dainty Doll Packaging

My first thoughts when I saw my purchases were something along the lines of  “OMG LOOK AT THE PACKAGING!!!”  Now anyone who knows me well, should know that I am a sucker for beautiful packaging, to the point where I even sit and watch videos on YouTube of various items being unboxed (What even is my life?)
I think the illustration is absolutely gorgeous, if anyone knows who the artist is then please let me know because I can’t seem to find out anywhere!

Dainty Doll Concealer

Once I got over how much I liked the packaging, it was onto the actual products themselves. I bought a concealer, powder foundation, and a lipstick. Lets start with the concealer. I ordered the It’s a Kind of Magic Concealer Pen in shade 2, which is their second lightest shade. It was one of those clicky pen things with the brush tip, I found I had to do a lot of clicking before any concealer actually came out, which was then followed by loads gushing out at once. I assumed this was because it was brand new, but unfortunately it’s done this every time I’ve used it, and I’ve ended up wasting quite a bit of product because of it. It’s such a shame because the colour is perfect for me, as I’ve found most concealers are too dark for my skin.
I do like it I guess, but it’s not the best concealer pen I’ve used.


Dainty Doll Foundation

Next comes the Loose Mineral Powder Foundation mine is in the lightest shade. Please excuse the filthy packaging in the photo, I mistakenly threw it into the bottom of my make up bag and because of the black packaging, is covered with whatever powdery thing it is that I’ve spilt.
I like this product. Whilst the applicator brush isn’t amazing, I find if I tip my head back and swirl it round my face I get a light, yet even coverage. Would I call it a foundation? No. But I think it works great as a light powder, and the colour is great


Dainty Doll Lipstick

And lastly the lipstick, bright red, goes by the name of Saucy Sailor. I love it. I really cant fault this one, the colour is a fantastic fire engine red, it’s creamy and it lasts pretty well, even when it comes off it leaves a slight stain. I really do like it.
I’d either apply it lightly for a chic everyday look, or wear it heavier for a more glamorous evening look.

I got all three products from here, and it cost me a mere £8.26 including P&P. I searched online and found a voucher code giving me 10% off. I am the coupon queen! (I really hope someone gets the Honey Boo Boo reference)

Anyway, I’ll grace with you a picture of yours truly, so you can see what the make up looks like on. I tried to do an arm swatch for the lipstick, but trying to hold and focus my camera, whilst taking a photo of my arm was actually impossible. How do you beauty bloggers do it?! Awkward selfies for the win.

Dainty Doll Face


Have you tried anything from the Dainty Doll range? I’d love to know what you think, pop a little thought in the comments below!