Durham CastleSaturday bought glorious weather and sunshine, so Scott and I decided to hop on a bus and spend the day in the picturesque little city of Durham. It’s always nice to have a change of scenery but for some reason we never come here, despite only living down the road!
Apparently every man and his dog also had the same idea as the whole place was packed! There was a market on in the town centre and the delicious smell of moroccan was lingering in the air, making my mouth water.

eton mess cupcake

I wanted to explore the cafes Durham has to offer, but as we were meeting people for food in the evening we thought it would be best not to gorge ourselves on soup and sandwiches so just popped into a cute little cake shop called Be Tempted instead. Tempted I was as there were so many delicious cakes to choose from. I went for the Eton Mess cupcake which had a fruit and meringue topping. I’m terrible at photographing food and after a few pathetic attempts at capturing its deliciousness, I gave up and devoured the whole thing in seconds.


Scott is probably going to kill me when he sees this, but as I’m a horrible girlfriend, and I like this photo of him I’ll leave it here till he notices.
After more walking around we went to Cafe Nero as it was a quiet place to sit down and I fancied an Earl Grey. I don’t really like going in chains when I’m visiting other towns, I like trying independant places that I can’t visit at home. Unfortunately we were a little pressed for time and Neros was round the corner from where we needed to be, so we popped in and I got the cuppa I was gasping for.

Durham BridgeGrrrrr. I usually take all my photos landscape as I like having all my photos the same size and orientation, and get a bit obsessive over it. But of course, Scott took every single photo in portrait.  Typical. Part of me didn’t want to put this photo up out of pure stubbornness, but I’m sure you lovely readers don’t give a toss about photo orientation as you’re all just here for my witty charm and dashing good looks anyway. (I jest readers, I jest.)
I just wore a dress that I picked up in H&M last year, I really like the floral pattern but it’s quite low cut at the front and a little boobylicious for my liking. I spent the whole day worrying I was going to have a wardrobe malfunction. Although thinking back, even if my breasticles did decide to reveal themselves to the world I still probably would have been more modestly dressed than  most of the people around me. I’ll never understand the whole “Summer = Get naked” craze. I guess I’m just old fashioned.

To finish the day I devoured a huge pizza from Pizza Express, then waddled off to wetherspoons for a few Archers and Lemonades.

durham houses

I think this is my first kind of “Lifestyle/this is what I did today” kind of post, so I’d love to have some feedback, let me know what you think!
Have you been to Durham? Any places you recommend for when we next take a trip there?