Durham Lumiere

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I hopped on a bus to Durham to enjoy an evening filled with lights and magical art installations. The whole city had been transformed into a huge display of lights illuminating the streets of Durham.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see every installation as we just stuck to the city centre, but the ones we did see were spectacular! I’m warning you now this post is pretty photo heavy, but I just needed to capture every breathtaking moment.
I’ve kinda lost my “blogging mojo” lately so haven’t really much to say about the photos like I normally would. If you want to read about each installation then you can take a look at the programme here for a brief description of each one.

Durham Lumiere lights

keyframes durham


durham fete


Durham Lumiere coffee

Consumerist Christmas Tree bag lights

Consumerist Christmas Tree

bag lights durham

Durham Cathedral

a place beyond belief


My favourite installation of them all was definitely the “Consumerists Christmas Tree” the streets were illuminated with glowing plastic bags that lead up to a HUGE tree made entirely out of shopping bags.
My second favourite was the “Helvetictoc” (Although, ahem, I’m pretty sure that’s Ariel) as I’m a huge fan of minimalism and it’s almost refreshing to see time written as words instead of numbers.
But honestly, they were all so pretty and I had the absolute best time munching on chips and guzzling on hot chocolate and I will definitely go to the next one, hopefully with a better plan so I can see them all.

Apologies for my lack of words today, I really hope a big bunch of pictures of pretty lights makes up for it! Hopefully I feel a bit talkative in my next post, sorry again!