Yesterday I attended my very first blogging event, FABB Bloggers Newcastle, organised by the ever so lovely Tor from That’s Peachy and Ray from Oh who is she

When I first heard there was an event coming to Newcastle I was so excited, as I’ve never had the chance to meet other bloggers before, let alone ones in my area!
It eventually dawned on me that attending the event would mean having to leave my house and speak to real life, actual people; something I’m not particularly good at. The days running up to the event I was a big bundle of nerves. Of course I had nothing to worry about, as everyone was so welcoming and friendly!

To start the day off I met up with Hana in Sunderland, and we travelled to Newcastle to meet up with Aqeela, who had the most amazing eye make up to match her dress!
After a cheeky trip to Urban Outfitters we met up with some of the other bloggers and headed over to Tiger Tiger, where the event was being held at. The venue had an amazing tropical island theme, and was  a really chilled atmosphere. I think this definitely played a part in making me feel relaxed and able to talk to people, as I was expecting a big scary confrencey room!

After mingling with the other bloggers for a bit, we all gathered round to listen to Rosie from Tinned Bananas talk to us about her very exciting new clothes company.
Rosie told us about her background in the stretch fabric industry, and how she used this knowledge start her own brand. The clothes she showed us were definitely not for people who like to blend in, these prints are LOUD and PROUD. Bold patterns in bright, garish colours. In your face, but in good way.
I had a browse on the website and there is definitely no shortage in patterns to choose from! I might have to go on holiday, just so I have an excuse to get some high waisted bikini bottoms, they’re so funky!

Tinned Bananas


After more chatting, a bit of cocktail drinking and some cake eating, we all eagerly stood around Sandra Tang, who gave us an insight of what’s  going on at this years Newcastle Fashion WeekI’ve not attended Newcastle fashion week before, so I was keen to learn about all the events. I must say, I am impressed. I didn’t realise how much goes on during the week! Not only did we all receive a programme telling us about all the events, we got given a ticket for the Saturday too. Now there’s no excuse for me not going!


FABB events Newcastle


Some of the lovely girlies I got chatting too yesterday, from left to right is: Shannon, Alice, Amy, Amy-Lauren, Katie, Bethanie,Louise

I also got to meet Faith, Elaine, Amy and Becky plus loads others, so if I’ve left you off this this, Holla at me and I’ll put you on!

Fabb Events Newcastle
As the event was drawing to a close, these goodie bags were brought round, which was a lovely surprise. I can’t wait to test out the products and I’ll give my favourites a review.

 FABB Blogging event newcastle

 This was a really great first event, it helped me build confidence in talking to other people, it got me chatting away to like-minded bloggers with similar interests and most of all it was great fun. Tor and Ray really pulled all the stops out in making it an enjoyable event, so a huge thanks to them for organising it all.