Like most students at this time of year, I’m frantically trying to meet deadlines and putting every other aspect of my life on hold until coursework is complete. Today I’ve been getting myself into a right tizzle trying to complete my Final Major Project for tomorrow whilst worrying about if I’ve enough coffee to last me the night.

So before I suffer a coursework induced mental breakdown, I thought I’d take a 10 minute break to log onto my happy place (mah blawg) and share with you the little things I look forward to being able to enjoy when it’s all over.


Food Porn

Food Porn

Ah back to browsing  – don’t worry, it’s not as naughty as it sounds and is totally fine if your mum finds this in your internet history.
“Click, drool, repeat” certainly sums this site up. Just click your way through hundreds of delicious food photos, and is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I can spend hours looking through photo after glorius photo. There’s not much more I can say really, so why don’t you take a look yourself?



I’m usually really fussy with tv programmes, I like dramas like Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, or my latest addiction, Dexter. I like things that make me think, Black Mirror is a personal favourite of mine. Occasionally I’ll watch comedy shows like New Girl or Family Guy.
But you won’t ever catch me watching reality shows. I got through the first 5 minutes of Geordie Shore before turning it off out of sheer disgust and I rarely frequent social networking sites during X Factor season as all reality show talk just bores me.
But Jerseylicious? I’m hooked!
I put Jerseylicious on as a joke when a friend was over, next thing we knew we were two seasons in. I’m not one for cat fights and unnecessary drama, but I can’t help but love this! Maybe it’s because it’s so obviously scripted, teamed with the tacky hair, OTT tan, talons instead of nails, and animal print to rival Pat Butcher. (OH GOD THE ANIMAL PRINT!)
I like to view it as a comedy show more than anything else, and it’s certainly a pleasure of the guiltiest kind

Performing dance routines to my rabbit


Men, please form an orderly queue

Every superstar has their entourage, my entourage just happens to be made up of one person, that one person being my pet. Now to perfectly honest when I’m throwing myself around my living room in my pyjamas I can’t exactly be picky.
During these final few weeks of college there’s been very little time for song and dance,  so I can’t wait till all this work is behind me, and I can go back to my pyjama performances
My personal favourites include

A-ha  – Take on me
Journey  – Don’t stop believing
Taylor Swift – I knew you were trouble  (This includes rolling around on the floor when singing “Now I’m lying on the cold hard ground”)

And of course, who doesn’t sing QueenI want to break free” when doing the hoovering?
That was a trick question, everyone does. Right?


Something I’ve been getting very little of lately. I’m looking forward to an early night, a good book (I’ve not had the time to read in months!) and to just snuggle up in my duvet without thinking “College tomorrow, did I do enough on that peice of work?”
And sleep.


What guilty pleasures do you indulge in? Also any other Jerseylicious watchers out there? Are you team Olivia or team Tracy? Let me know in the comments, I love reading your comments!