How to Wear Galaxy Leggings

How to Style Galaxy Leggings


When I first set eyes on the selection of Galaxy Leggings on the Black Milk website I fell in love.  However, it was a short lived romance. After lusting over the star covered legs displayed on my screen I directed my eyes towards the price, and very quickly fell out of love.

From that point onwards I made it my mission to find a pair of leggings similar in every way apart from the price tag. I didn’t have to look very far, a simple search online found me these babys on the Romwe website. After applying the 20% off discount code that I got for signing up, the leggings were around £15 meaning I could parade around with nebulas on my legs, without breaking the bank.

When the post man brought my leggings I was ecstatic, until I thought to myself “What the bloody hell do I wear with these?”  Because let’s face it, as gorgeous as the print is, it’s not something you can throw on with any old thing, and I do feel quite limited to what colours and patterns I can wear on top.

Anyway, I thought I’d do a post on what I eventually chose to wear with my leggings.
I’m not the most fashionable person in the world, I just love clothes and experimenting with different styles. I could be committing huge fashion crimes here so please let me know if I am!

It took quite a lot for me to post these online, I actually photographed the same thing a few days ago, but in a burst of self-hatred deleted every picture I took. I much prefer being behind a camera than in front!

Romwe Galaxy Leggings 1

I decided to team the leggings with a blue playsuit I bought a while ago from Urban Outfitters. I think it gives quite a girly vibe to what I feel are quite edgy leggings.


Romwe Galaxy Leggings Batwing Shirt

I love batwing shirts. I think they’re so comfy yet sophisticated, I like to throw this one over my leggings for an everyday look.


Romwe Galaxy Leggings pink

Peter Pan Swallow Necklase

Here I wore the leggings under a black shoulderless dress from H&M. To make the outfit a bit more exciting I added a peter pan collar necklace  I got the necklace as a Christmas present but I’ve found a similar one here


Romwe Galaxy Leggings

Here’s the leggings with a Primark jumper, I love gold and green together so I added this statement necklace from H&M.


There’s a lot of black in these outfits. I just feel that with such vibrant colours on the leggings I really need to tone it down on top, making the leggings the main focal point.

Anyway let me know what you think, and if you’ve done any Galaxy themed outfit posts then please leave your links in the comments, I’d love to read!

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  • Rhiannon

    Silly woman! You’re gorgeous! I have a pair of these I just tend to wear with T-shirts but after seeing you in the playsuit one, I’m half tempted to buy one! I love your Khaki green jumper. Seems I’m off to Primark tomorrow now… If I spend loads I’ll mentally be blaming you, in the nicest way obviously x

    • GingerbreadButtons

      Ah thank you, you’re too nice! When I first got them I just wore them with tshirts too, but experimenting is fun! The Jumper was from the mens section haha.. Ooops, Sorry! Don’t spend too much!

  • Gorgeous leggings! Thanks for the galaxy inspiration! I need some balls to pull it off now because I really love them! They suit you!

    • GingerbreadButtons

      Thank you 🙂 I found them a bit intimidating at first, but now I just throw them on all the time. You should get a pair!

  • Shannon Poole

    I love how those leggings look with your black shoulderless dress! I’ve admired galaxy prints for a while and now I’m even tempted to buy a pair myself!

    • GingerbreadButtons

      Thank you, You should get a pair, I love them!
      Thanks for commenting

  • I’m not a massive fan of galaxy leggings (they’re just not my style) but I absolutely love the way you have styled them in this post! I think my favourite outfits here are the one with the playsuit (you’re totally right about it being cute and girly) and the one with the shoulderless dress 🙂

    • GingerbreadButtons

      Aww thank you! Cute and girly is definitely the way forward!

  • Gemma

    I love the idea of galaxy leggings and have lusted over the Black Milk site for ages, but never got any because I had no idea how to wear them. The last look you did is especially great.

    • GingerbreadButtons

      I loove Black Milk leggings, Lusted after them for ages too! Thank you for commenting 🙂

  • Amy Rodgers

    I love Galaxy print! You look super cool 🙂 Looking forward to meeting you at the Fabb Event next week!

    Check out my latest post on galaxy print here…
    Amy xxx

    • GingerbreadButtons

      Thank you 🙂 I look forward to meeting you too!
      Great post, that top is amazing!

  • Rebecca Tan

    This is perfect! I love galaxy print but really don’t have the legs for it! and you teamed them so well!

    I too have moments of grrrrr delete!!! every photo too!!

    but you look fab in all of these hun!

    x big love Rebecca

  • Manu

    I loveee all of them specially the second one. Perfect *.*