Orange Hair

If you follow me on Instagram or twitter you’ll probably already know I’ve dyed my hair. I wanted to go a reddish gingerish colour, so it was a bit of a shock when I dried my hair only to find it’s bright orange!! (these photos don’t show the colour very well, It’s verrrry orange you can see an outside pic here.) I was a bit apprehensive about even leaving my house, let alone posting it on my blog, but I got so many lovely comments (along with a few “oh dears!”) that I’m very grateful for. I must admit it has grown on me! I really loved the pink but it was an absolute nightmare to upkeep. I had to re dye it once a week, not to mention the fact that I had to bleach my roots to high heaven. You’ll no doubt be seeing it again one day, when I can afford to pay a professional to do it!
Orange Hair Scanogram

I’ve been really frustrated with my blog lately, and feeling very uninspired so I decided to take a different approach photography-wise.
We studied Katerina Jebb in Photography, she’s a photographer who uses giant industrial sized scanners to photograph her subjects and has appeared in Vogue and other high end fashion magazines. I think her work is very surreal to look at, almost as if it’s been taken underwater. I thought I’d try it myself, not as impressive on my little A3 printer/scanner but I’m happy with the outcome. It’s a bit creepier than the other photograpy on my blog but I love shaking things up and trying new things!

Katerina Jebb Scanogram

I’ll no doubt be looking for new ways to experiment with techniques because I really don’t want to lose my creativity now I’ve finished college. My favourite part was always trying different ways of doing things, and I hope through my blog I can continue with this, not only with art but with other things in my life too.

Scanogram Creepy

What do you think? If you want to say “Libby, I think you’re a pretentious ex-art student fart and your hair is stupid” then honestly that’s fine! I love hearing your opinions and reading your comments so fire away!