I finally got my hair cut this week, after months of being in dire need of a good mop chop.
Before my trip to the hairdressers I decided I needed a bit of a change, unsure of where to start, I took to the internet in search of something a bit different.  I think the phrase “be careful what you wish for” applies directly to this situation, because different is certainly what was awaiting me.
I clicked the first link that Google gave me, and scoured the site for something that would suit me. In amongst the usual bobs and updos  I found some rather eccentric styles, which made me think to myself “Where on earth would someone wear that?”

I thought I’d compile a list of hairstyles that would definitely get you a few odd looks during your weekly grocery shop. So here you go ladies and gentlemen, in no particular order, my list of the top most impractical hairstyles.


Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself in angst “Why does my hair not look like a DNA strand?!”  If so, well you’re in luck because here’s a snazzy plait that vaguely resembles a double helix. Emphasis on vaguely.


This style kinda reminds me of one of them candy floss machines, where you hold a stick in, and the candy floss sticks to it. Only in this instance, this lady’s head was in place of a stick.


I..I can’t even.. There are cubes. There are monochrome cubes ascending from this persons head. I’m not quite sure what else to say, but I do think this style would look great at some kind of chess related event, maybe a chess themed party. 


I cannot imagine any sort of scenario in which I would need to style my hair to resemble a lampshade. Not one. I did try but I’m stumped.


Call me old fashioned, but occasionally I like to use my eyes for everyday purposes such as, you know, looking at things. This look would definitely warrant a point on this girls drivers license.

poodle head

There’s something about this look which I love, but I assume it would be quite a hindrance in everyday situations. I mean, you probably wouldn’t fit through the door of your car and you almost certainly get some filthy looks thrown at you if waltzed into the cinema and plonked yourself down in the seat front of an unsuspecting fellow film-viewer.


You know when you go to the hairdressers and love your hair, wash it once, and never again can make it look like you just stepped out the salon?
Prime example. She is never going to get her hair looking like that again.


This post is a bit of light-hearted fun, I understand these are avant-garde styles to be portrayed as art rather than something you’d wear for a day at the office.  I appreciate the fact that a lot of hard work an effort would have went into creating these styles, and whilst I have commented saying they are impractical, I do feel they should be viewed as you would a sculpture .
Please click image to find original source. I think I’ve covered everything, We good?