Bunny Paws

As you may or may not know, last month we brought another little bundle of fluff into our home. Today, we signed all the adoption papers and it’s official, she’s ours!
To celebrate this little addition so our family, I think it’s high time she got an introduction here on Gingerbread Buttons. So dear readers, I’d like to introduce you all to Boo, my grumpy little rabbit.

Grumpy Bunny

After having Bunny for over a year we decided it was time to get him a girlfriend. Rabbits are extremely sociable creatures and it seemed unfair for him to be living alone so we contacted Pawz For Thought, our local animal rescue centre, to see if there were any abandoned bunnies in need of loving homes. Sadly Pawz For Thought have dozens of homeless bunnies, and it broke my heart knowing I couldn’t give them all a home.
When this little girl turned up we knew we had to have her, and after some emailing and a house check later a date was arranged.

Bunny whiskers

When Boo arrived at our house she was such a shy little thing and clearly hasn’t had the best experience with humans as she was so timid around us.
Bunny wasn’t best pleased when we first introduced each other but after a few weeks of bonding sessions, a whole lot of head humping (it’s part of the bonding process, asserting dominance and all that) they finally agreed to coexist. Now a month later the two bunnies are best of friends, and it melts my heart to see them snuggled up on the living room rug giving each other little licks.

Cute Fluffy Bunny

Boo is still extremely timid, and it’ll be a long time before she wants cuddles but I’m seeing improvements every day. It makes me so happy to know I’ve changed a bunnies life and given her the loving home she deserves.
If any of you are thinking of getting a pet, I can’t stress enough for you to look into adopting one from your local animal shelter. There are thousands of animals desperate for homes and instead of buying from pet shops that unnecessarily breed animals, support overflowing shelters. Adopt, don’t shop!