Just before Christmas I came across a lovely little site by the name of Kukee. They sell all kinds of trendy (do people still use that word?) jewellery, starting at the astounding price of, wait for it, a pound.
That’s right, you can accessorize yourself for the price of a McFlurry.

Being a lover of bargains, this site was instantly in my good books. Pretty much all the jewellery is under £5, making it perfect for young girls with pocket money to spend, or even people like me; who want to look nice, without having to fork out silly money.

Knowing I had been bookmarking things on the site, my boyfriend surprised me by ordering me the 10 items for £10 Goody bag (what a gent!)
The postman brought my parcel to me on Friday, so I thought I’d show you the bits and bobs I got.

My initial thoughts were on how much I loved the packaging. My jewellery came wrapped up in blue tissue paper, which when opened, revealed a pink and white striped paper bag, folded over and stuck down with a cute sticker. Kukee Packaging

When I excitedly opened the paper bag, I found 10 different items all individually wrapped, which I was pleased about as it meant nothing was going to get tangled up or broken on it’s way to me. As well as the 10 items in the goody bag, they had also slipped in an additional ring as a “gift” which I thought was a nice touch


Here is a few of  the items out of the 10, as you can see it’s a wide selection of things. I also received some earrings and more bracelets.

Kukee items large

I thought I’d show you a closer look at my top 3 items. Do you know how hard it is to manually focus your camera whist trying to photograph your own hand? I’ll tell you, pretty damn difficult. But anyway, here’s some photos.

I absolutely LOVE this eyeball ring. I’ve seen something similar in Topshop retailing at £7.50, but I’ve seen this one on the Kukee site for a mere £3!!

Eyeball ring

This is another really quirky ring and I love the texture to it. I have a gold coloured metal collar which I think it will go great with, especially teamed with a black dress.
My only fault is that with the rings, they do slip down my finger. I don’t think they are the best for those with piano fingers like myself, although the site does have a lot of lovely rings that are also adjustable so if you’re the owner of slender digits then double check first

Triangle Kukee Ring


And lastly my ultimate favourite is this ear cuff. Admittedly I did have to tweet them to ask what the hell it was, but as soon as I found out I immediately loved it.
I feel like I’m a Greek Goddess when I wear it, and isn’t it every girls dream to be a Goddess? No ..Just me? Ok then.
Either way, it’s still pretty funky to have golden wings coming out from the back of you ear. Ear cuff

ear cuff kukee

And to finish this post off I thought I’d show you a few more bits that I’m lasting after

Kukee Collage

1. Hand Collar Pins 2. Evil Eye Necklace 3. Acrylic Druzy Ring 4. Black Zig-Zag Bunting Necklace