Valentines DIY


*SPOILER ALERT – If you are my boyfriend or vomit at the sight of anything remotely lovey dovey then you should probably stop reading this now*


Valentines Day hasn’t ever been a big thing for me, this is probably down to the fact that I’ve always either been single, or working in a card shop which made me realise how much of a scam sending cards to your partner (who is more than likely already aware that you like them) is.
I do however, love giving gifts and making things, so I decided to make a simple, cost free gift using things from around my house.

Before we continue I’ve a confession to make, there is an ulterior motive behind this gift. I’ve bought two scratch cards in the past couple of weeks and not won a single penny, my boyfriend wont let me get any more as apparently they’re a waste of money. I’m hoping tomorrow he realises how much fun they are and lets me buy just one more, even though it will undoubtedly be another pound thrown down the drain.

To make the Scratch Card you will need:

A printer
Thick paper (I used photo paper)
Washing-up Liquid
Acrylic paint
Clear plastic (I used acetate, but sticky back plastic would work)
And the Valentines Scratch Card Template I made


First of all, open up the template and print it off. I left the hearts blank for you to fill in your own prizes. Print this off and cut it down to size.

The next step is to create the coating that is going to be scratched off, simply mix a small amount of acrylic paint, with an equal size of washing up liquid.
I chose red paint to go with the valentines theme, mixed with a little bit of gold glitter for added effect. Evenly paint the mixture on to your piece of plastic.

Painted SheetFrom the painted plastic, cut hearts slightly smaller than those on the template. These are going to cover the prizes.

Cut out heartsFinally stick the hearts down on to the card, making sure you are completely covering the prizes. I stuck mine on wonky so the dotted lines would show underneath, giving a bit more of a handmade feel.


Give the scratch card to your loved one for them to pick a heart, and using a coin scratch off the coating to reveal a prize (you could even provide them the coin if you’re feeling extra generous!)

So there you go, a super simple gift. If you do choose to make this let me know how you get on, I’d love to see some other results.

Happy Valentines Day!