Lush Mothers Day

When it comes to buying gifts, you can never go wrong with Lush products. Almost everyone bathes and if they don’t then I probably wouldn’t get close enough to them to be on gift buying terms anyway. So when I’m completely stuck on what to get somebody, I usually pop into Lush.
Mothers Day is a fine example and the years that I actually remember Mothers Day (hey, I never said I’d win daughter of the year) I’m likely to get my mum some smelly bits. So if like me, you’re a shit daughter, don’t worry. Lush have really outdone themselves this year.

I initially went into Lush to get the Hungry Caterpillar style bubble bar, only to find it wasn’t vegan. Anyone who’s been following me for a while now will be aware of my Very Hungry Caterpillar obsession, and will know I’m not exaggerating when I say I was absolutely gutted.
But then I saw the rest of the Mothers Day range, and I must admit it made me feel a little less bitter about my caterpillarless situation.
Lush Yummy Mummy

At Christmas time everyone goes crazy for Snow Fairy but I’ve never been a huge fan, bloggers blasphemy, I know. Yummy Mummy however, is a shower gel I can see myself getting my knickers in a twist about. A gorgeous pastel lilac colour, reminiscent of a spring that’s yet to arrive. It’s got a sweet strawberry smell with a hint of something I can’t quite place my finger on. I picked up the 100g bottle for £4.75 which is more than I’d normally pay for shower gels, but I can see myself going back to buy a bigger bottle as I’m already obsessed with this scent.
There’s also a Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner which smelled even more delicious but at £19.95, was completely out of my price range

Lush Rose Bombshell Ballistic

Rose Bombshell Ballistic (£3.50) is a product that I am extremely excited about. As you can see from the picture, it contains dried rose buds which float up to the surface of the bath. It contains soya milk and turkish oils which really helps to soften the skin.
I’m sure you have already taken a wild stab in the dark as to what this one smells like, if you got “rose” then you are correct. Rose, rose and lots of rose with an uplifting hint of orange flower.

Secret Garden Bath Bomb

Secret Garden Bath Bomb (£2.95) is an oldie but a goody. This bath bomb is also rose scented, but despite being smaller is the more potent of the two. Assuming the bath bomb hasn’t changed since last year, it’s also filled with flower petals.

Lush Rose Bubble Bar

Another old favourite is the Rose Bubble Bar (£2.95) I’m sensing a theme here. This rose is based on the one from Beauty And The Beast which I think is a lovely touch. Again, floral and rose scented but I personally think this one also has a citrusy hint to it, possibly from the lemon oil. Rose Bubble Bar is one of the smaller more affordable bubble bars, but it is quite dinky so it’d probably only do one bath.

Lush Mother Superior

Can we just stop and talk about how cute Mother Superior (£3.75) is please? I think it looks like Finn from Adventure Time, although apparently it’s supposed to be a nun. Don’t ask what nuns have got to do with Mothers Day because I couldn’t tell you, but I can tell you I’m not going to complain about that little squishy face. Mother Superior is a bubble bar, which means you crumble it under warm running water to create bubbles. It’s quite a chunky one, so would definitely last two baths.
The smell is that of the Sakura bath bomb, think gorgeous cherry blossom aroma. This is my second favourite scent from all the mothers day range. My first favourite? Well..

Now here’s the embarrassing part. I thought I had picked up a final and favourite product, but apparently I hadn’t. It’s called Ultraviolet and it’s a huge bubble bar that smells just like parma violets. I’m too lazy to go back into town now, but I will be picking it up and doing a full review of it at a later date so do keep an eye out for that if you’re interested!