The best thing about being an adult is the fact that I can proudly display my huge map of Middle Earth in my living room and nobody can tell me to take it down. Hell, I could paint my entire walls with the Hills of freakin’ Gondor and ain’t nobody going to tell me otherwise. Except my landlord, my landlord would probably tell me otherwise.
To accompany my Middle Earth map, we also have an awesome Breaking Bad typographic poster waiting to be framed and hung on the wall.

The living room is where my boyfriend and I spend most of our time, it’s where we eat, where we relax, where I sit in my pyjamas eating pizza, it’s where he stays till the early hours of the morning writing code, and it’s the place we watch films. It’s the room I want to decorate first, and I know I want to fill it with lots of posters.

In my year and a half of blogging, I’ve yet to do the classic “blogger wishlist post” but there’s a first time for everything right? So here are a few of the posters I want to decorate my living room with, like a proper gown up!

movie poster wishlist blog

1. Amélie – Times are hard for dreamers poster

I think Amelie is one of my favourite films ever, it’s just so feel-good and cute.
I think this Amelie quote poster would make a perfect addition to my living room, this is the film quote “Times are hard for dreamers” there is a poster available in english but I’m a huge fan of the posters which don’t necessarily give away what it is at first glance.
Oh, and this has a bunny on it so it’s pretty much perfect.

2. Game Of Thrones – Nights Watch Oath Typography Poster

I am obsessed with Game Of Thrones at the minute. I actually have a countdown on my phone till season 4 begins (only 26 days people!!) I really love the Breaking Bad typography poster we have and this Game Of Thrones one will go perfectly alongside it. My equally addicted mother has already asked me to get her one when I place an order for it!

3. 500 Days Of Summer Poster

500 Days Of Summer isn’t exactly my favourite film in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! But it’s not my favourite. Putting that aside I absolutely love the design of this poster, it’s just so pretty I love the mix of colours and fonts and I think the almost newspaper-esque photo at the bottom really pulls it all together.

4. Pans Labyrinth Poster

Pans Labyrinth is another of my all time favourite films. It’s quite simply the most beautiful and breathtaking films I’ve ever seen (we’ll just ignore the horrific violence and the presence of what could arguably be one of the most evil characters in cinematic history, okay?) it combines my love of fantasy and fairytales with intense drama. This poster is just magnificent, it took me ages to even notice the faun in the bottom half of the picture!

That’s it! Hopefully when I have bought and framed these I will get round to doing a little house tour.
What do you think? Anything catch your eye? I’d love to know what your favourite films are and what you’d love to display in your house. Please do let me know in the comments!