So last week, Ellie from Ellies Favourite Things tagged me in a post inspired by Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web
Phew, I sound like a school child don’t I?  “She said, that he said, that she said”
I digress.

Basically the tag is Mundane Midweek although I feel I’m kind of cheating by writing about something I did on Friday, on a Thursday. And it’s supposed to be a normal, ordinary day and I wrote about my journey to essex but in my defence can there be anything more mundane than a 6 hour car journey? (ok maybe a 7 hour car journey I guess.)

Car Inside

After getting up at 6.30 we left the house at about 9 am to make our way from the Scottish Borders to Essex on a 350(ish) mile journey. Grownups in the front seat, all three kiddlywinks squished in the back. Oh Joys.
My brother’s 9 and my sister’s 3 by the way. Yeah, feel sorry for me.

In the car

About 2 hours into the journey I get bored enough to take selfies. Mum puts on the song she wants played at her funeral, then my Step dad does the same but we turned it off because it was rubbish.
The night before I made the mistake of showing my mum the Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That song. So of course that gets played through the speakers, infecting my brain with its damn catchy tune for the rest of the journey.


Listening to a Spotify playlist I knocked up for the journey. Full of my rubbish music. I listened to Kavinsky – Nightcall about 8 times, it’s so freakin good!!!

american diner

We stopped off at an American Diner on the motorway. There was so much choice that when the waiter came round for the third time, I panicked, and ordered a bagel. A plain, bagel. Luckily both my siblings couldn’t finish their pancakes and syrup so I got to polish them off. my mum

Spent about 5-10 minutes taking photos of my mum as she wanted me to “Capture her good side”. This resulted in me having to lean over the table in the middle of the diner. We then laughed at the “Hot Dogs” sign behind her.
Looking back, I’m not entirely sure why it’s funny.

After 6 long hours we finally arrived at the hotel. There was a red carpet at the entrance of the hotel which got my little sister very excited.

Soft Pillow

There were sashes over the pillows reading “soft” and “firm”. This is my mum being “soft”.

firm pillow

And this is my mum being “firm”  (Now you all know where I get my weirdness from!)

Sooo that was my mundade day. You still awake?

And to end I’ll leave you with this song. I made sure it was the Drive version with Ryan Gosling in, Don’t say I’m not good to you 😉


Oh I think I have to tag people don’t I? Errmm I tag Magdalena, Sunae, Amy, and I can’t actually think of people off the top of my head so I guess if you’re reading this then I tag you! (I’m so bad at this)