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Whilst on the phone to my Mum the other night, she told me about something my sister said which really made me giggle. So I thought I’d share it with you.

Next week is my Big Nannas (that’s my great gran) birthday party, so we’re all driving down to join the celebrations. My siblings and I all have new outfits to wear, and my incredibly girly three year old sister picked her own dress. The dress in question is apparently a bridesmaid style dress, I’ve not seen it but knowing my sister there’s probably a lot of tulle going on.
According to my mum my little sister is so excited to wear her dress and has told my mum that when she walks in:

“Big Nanna and Nanna are going to say, Oh goodness me, who is that Disney princess?” 

She’s such a funny little munchkin. Apparently she picks all her own outfits now, and turns her nose up at the things my mum picks out for her. It makes me smile when I think of how different we are, I was never girly, I don’t think I was at all fashion conscious till I was about 13 (and even then my “fashion” was battered black converse with black skinny jeans and arm warmers.)
She loves princesses, but I was obsessed with dragons and dinosaurs. She’s currently taking ballet lessons, whereas I went to one ballet session and my mum was asked never to bring me back.

We are like chalk and cheese but I love her.

Just a quick little post from me today, I’ve been suffering with writers block for a few days now. I’ve had nothing to blog about and I don’t want to force posts so I think I’m going to rearrange my desk space, browse pinterest, and wait for inspiration to hit me. Catch you on the flip flop, homeboys.