In four days I leave England to go travelling. four days.

I’ve never really pictured myself as someone that goes travelling, this is probably due to my fear of flying and lack of funds, yet I’ve found myself here with a plane ticket to Stockholm and a bubbling pit of anxiety where my stomach once was.

I’ve done all those things that people in those stupid Buzzfeed articles gush about. I quit my job, booked a plane, booked a hostel and I’m going. In four days.

Where I’m going

I thought I’d do a quick run down of the places I’m going, in case anyone wants to follow my adventures and partly because if I write it out, it might sort out the mess of thoughts running through my head. I’m sure I’ll no doubt be blogging along the way too, so if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see, just let me know!

There’s no specific reason I picked these destinations, some just looked nice, some were recommended, and others were simply just easy to get to. My boyfriend will be working remotely whilst we travel, so we wanted places that didn’t have long distances between them so that it allowed him minimal time offline or train journeys in which he could just work en route.


Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is pretty cheap to get to from Edinburgh, so it made sense to start here and work our way back south. Admittedly, I know very little about Stockholm but a quick Google search tells me I won’t be stuck for things to do! I hope I can see the Yayoi Kusama exhibit that finishes two days after our arrival, so I’ll have to squeeze that in as soon as I can.

I think I’ll mainly be finding my feet and working out how to navigate strange cities.

Copenhagen, Denmark

I’m looking forward to seeing some Danish architecture. One of my first stops will be The Round Tower, a 17th century tower and one of the oldest functioning observatories in Europe. I’d also like to see The Little Mermaid sculpture, inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale of the same name.

Helsinki, Finland

I am so excited for Helsinki, I’m a huge fan of Tove Jansson and her work so I’d love to visit a museum that displays some of her work and learn a bit more about her life. I’m so upset Moomin World will be closed when I visit, but hopefully I can squeeze a little bit of Moomin memorabilia in my hand luggage.

Tallinn, Estonia

One that Belphoebe recommended, the capital of Estonia with a medieval town centre. Tallinn looks like something from a fairytale, and I’m looking forward to exploring its cobbled streets and 13th century churches.

Amsterdam, Denmark

Surprisingly I’ve never been to Amsterdam despite it being extremely accessible from where I live. We’re staying in a pretty snazzy hostel which is basically a little pod that links up to your phone and allows you to control everything from an app.

I will of course be going to the Van Gogh museum and Anne Frank house, but I also want to do some of the quirkier attractions like the cat museum, and Electric Ladybird; a museum of fluorescent art.

Cologne, Germany

According to Wikipedia, Cologne is a 2000 year-old city, which is an age I truly cannot comprehend. I hope to visit the Gothic cathedral which I’m sure will be even more breathtaking in real life than it is in photographs. There’s also quite a lot of museums on the roman and middle ages eras so I’d like to visit those too.

Zurich, Switzerland

We’ll be stopping in Zurich with one of my boyfriends colleagues who lives there, so he’ll no doubt be able to point us in the right direction for attractions. I think the words “a hike” may have been mentioned which sends chills through my spine because let me tell you, I do not do hiking or walking or any exercise for that matter.

There is a 100 year old vegetarian restaurant that I plan on going to, it holds the guinness world record for being the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world, so I’m expecting the best damn hummus to have ever passed my lips.

Basel, Switzerland

Heading North-West to Basel which I picked purely because it looked pretty. This city is chock full of art museums which I plan to explore.  My boyfriend really isn’t a fan of art, so I’ll probably be making a lot of solo trips here.

Berlin, Germany

According to the Happy Cow app, Berlin is home to around 60 fully vegan restaurants, that’s not including the veggie restaurants and regular restaurants with vegan options. I suspect I’ll be doing a lot of eating during my short stay in Berlin.

As well as visiting the history museums, I will likely spend a good time hunting for street art, much like how I spent my days in Austin.

Budapest, Hungary

I know very little about Budapest, apart from George Ezra named a song after it. I’m looking forward to learning about the history.
Budapest is really cheap compared to many other places we are visiting so I’m looking forward to swapping a hostel for a nice AirBnb!

Vienna, Austria

I hope the weather is kind to me during my time in this beautiful looking city, as there’s lots of parks and greenery I’d like to spend time in.
I’d love to visit the Prater, an amusement park in the city and one of te oldest in the world. It contains a ferris wheel that dates back to 1897, as well as the higest flying swing in the world!

Salzburg, Austria

One of the places I’m most excited about after Becky has sung the cities praises. She’s blogged about it a few times and it looks like such a beautiful location.
I’m going to put my hands up and admit that I’ve never seen The Sound of Music so I feel like a few of the tours and museums aren’t going to be for me. There is however, a 900 year old fortress which is right up my street.

Munich, Germany

I make it no secret that I love castles, and I really hope I can visit Palace Neuschwanstein, which is a couple of hours from Munich and looks like it fell straight out of a fairytale.

If that’s not possible then there are places and gardens I’d love to see, as well as a technology museum that looks interesting.

Paris, France

This one almost didn’t make the list. I’ve visited Paris before and it honestly wasn’t my favourite city and dare I admit this, I think it’s overrated. I’m willing to give it another go now I’m a bit more mature and who knows, it might surprise me.

I doubt I’ll be doing the major attractions like the Eiffel Tower, I did enjoy the views from Montmartre when I last visited so would like to do that again.
I’m also a massive Amelie fan so I plan on being a very cringey tourist and going to the spots in the film!

Disneyland Paris

I couldn’t go to Paris without making a stop at one of my favourite destinations! I’m a huge Disney parks fan and this was a perfect way to end the journey. We’ll be there for the Halloween Party as well as Bonfire Night which I believe they have fireworks for.
I can’t wait to meet the characters again and just have fun in the place where I’m genuinely at my happiest.


So that’s a brief list of how I plan on spending the next two months. If anyone has any advice or suggestions of things to do then please let me know. This is unlike anything I’ve ever done before so any info will be greatly appreciated!