Sunderland Topshop Event So as I’ve already mentioned I’m a little behind on blogging, and by “a little behind” I mean, you’re reading a post about an event that happened TWO MONTHS AGO. Yeah, don’t judge.

My laptop has been out of service for a good while now because my charger exploded, no exaggeration here – it literally exploded. SO I have to wait until Scott’s actually off his MacBook (HA, fat chance) to edit photos, hense my lack of posts lately.

Right, that’s my excuses out the way, time to talk about the event itself (or what I can remember of it anyway!) I was lucky enough to be able to attend the NE Bloggers Topshop event organised by the lovely NE Bloggers  at my local Topshop in Sunderland
Colbat Blue Topshop Bag

When we arrived we were greeted with cupcakes baked by Amy herself! I maaaay have had like 3.. or 4 cupcakes. They were good. Very good.
After a bit of mingling and stuffing my face, we gathered round two of the managers, who gave us a bit of information on the store and their roles within it. We were then given a tour of the store (not that I needed one, I live literally down the road and manage to pop in every time I walk past!) and as we were being shown round, we were told a little about their Visual Merchandising, which was really interesting.
Each section of the store has its own “look” and the mannequins and displays are built up around this. We were told that each look has a person in mind, for example the sporty chic look in the bottom image would be perfect for someone like Rita Ora!
Topshop Bloggers Event

I am lusting after this orange blouse. LUSTING I TELL YOU!!
There was then a scavenger hunt style game where you had to find a card which you took to the till in exchange for a prize. I kept my beady eyes peeled and actually managed to find one! Which won me a bar of chocolate. Woop woop! I then spent the rest of the evening chatting to fellow bloggers and mooching round the clothes.

Overall it was a great night and a big thank you to the girls of The NE Bloggers for organising it all! Topshop Festival Fashion

Do you shop at Topshop, do you notice the up and coming looks they display? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!