Lush gift wrapped

For as long as I can remember I’ve been an animal lover, some of my fondest childhood memories are of going to the local RSPCA to walk the dogs there. So it goes without saying animal cruelty and and animal testing are things that I have strong opinions on. Whilst money-wise it’s not always feasible for me to pick the cruelty free option I like to make sure I am educated on every product I purchase and keep myself up to date with what brands are cruelty free, and what brands unfortunately aren’t.

Which is where Lush comes in! Lush is a brand that I’ve kept close to my heart for a while now, as not only are ALL their products completely free from animal testing, they campaign against it too. Hooray!

Anyway, I’ve waffled on for a bit now so I should probably get down to the nitty gritty.

A few weeks ago Danny from Adventures after hours announced he was organising an event at the Lush store in the Metro Centre, and of course tons of us North East bloggy folk were very excited to attend, myself included.

The event was last Sunday, and to start the evening off a group of us headed off to Gourmet Burger Kitchen for some pre event foodage. After chowing down on delicious burgers and fries, with very full bellies we made our way over to the Lush store.

When we arrived, we all gathered round to listen to Danny and three other staff members tell us a little about the history of Lush and their values and campaigns. One thing I love about Lush is that all the stores are really well staffed. They only seem to employ people that are passionate and enthusiastic about all the products, and it’s great listening to someone talk about products they clearly love.

Angels on Bare Skin

We then split into two groups as there were two activities in store for us. My group went off to make Angels on Bare Skin – a cleanser. I was pretty excited by this as it used to be the cleanser I used all the time, so I was looking forward to seeing exactly what goes into it. I really like this product and the only reason I stopped buying it was because you need so little of it, I wasn’t actually using the whole product up before the use by date, so it felt pretty wasteful.

Lush Angels on Bare Skin

Voilà! The finished product handmade by us! I personally think it’s a pretty nifty little cleanser, it contains ground almonds which tone and brighten the skin, Glycerine which moisturises the the skin, Kaolin is there to cleanse the skin, and Lavender flowers which smell delicious. To use it, you have to take a little in your hand and mix it to a paste which I must admit can get a little messy, but you know what they say, sometimes you gotta get dirty before you can get clean. (okay I don’t think anyone actually says that, but let’s pretend it’s a saying for the sake of this post, kay?)

bath bomb demo

After working hard mixing and smelling ingredients, it was time for refreshments of cupcakes and cakepops. I’ve come to believe that cake makes up 60% of a bloggers diet the other 40% coming from macarons.  I’m not complaining, cake you get in mah belleh.
We then got back into our groups and swapped over activities where we had a fantastic demonstration of the bath bomb Space Girl, which not only smells like sweets, but actually contains, wait for it, popping candy!!

bath bomb making
After being shown how to make it, we then all got to make our own Space Girl, which was very fun, and very messy!

Lush Space Girl

Here’s my finished bath bomb. I’ve not actually gotten round to using it yet, but it’s been sitting in my living room for while and boy does it smell delicious. I keep getting little wafts of it when I walk past. I’m actually contemplating keeping a bowl of them as some sort of Lush potpourri.
Lush Emotional Brilliance

We then had the chance to have take a look around the shop, as you can see from this picture there was a lot of testing out of the Emotional Brilliance range!
I explained to one of the Lush girls that I can’t find a lipstick that doesn’t clash with my pink hair, and she picked me out two gorgeous shades one pink one purple, I’ll most likely do a little post on them at later date.

Catastrophe Cosmetic Lush

The tills were still on so I made a few cheeky purchases including a cleanser and a toner, and we were all very kindly given a little goodie bag, The best thing is, everything was cruelty free meaning happy bunnies all round!

Lush Bunny