Newcastle Body ShopDespite the fact that I attended my first blogging event a mere two weeks ago, on Friday night I found myself off to another! I’m almost starting to feel like I have one of those social life things you hear people talk about. This time I headed to Newcastle’s body shop, for an event organised by the lovely Maddie who blogs at  All the Pretty Things.

Even though I had already met many of the people attending at the Fabb Event, I was still super nervous as I’m such a socially awkward baboon. Luckily I met up with Amy-LaurenShannon and Amy for some foodage at Stateside diner, nothing like a huge milkshake and curly fries to settle those pre event nerves.


Now what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t show you my outfit? I wore some floral print leggings because I’m still hanging on to the small hope spring will arrive. Of course, that’s complete pogswash, as soon as we stepped off the metro we were greeted with hail and torrential rain. I’m not sure why I was so surprised, this is Northern England after all.

Oh and you’ve probably noticed, I’ve dyed my hair, yet again. Looking back, I did really like the pink, however red lipstick is my staple make up look, which clashed horribly with the pink! So I opted for a more subtle lilacy colour instead.

Body shop lipglosses

When we arrived at The Body Shop we were all handed a glass of Bucks Fizz and told to help ourselves to the little nibbles such as mini cookies and doughnuts (I was regretting fries and milkshake by this point!)
We then had the opportunity to have hand massages, make up applications, and skin consultations. I went for the latter, and there was a lovely lady on hand who knew exactly what product I needed as soon as I explained to her all my skin woes. (more on that product in a bit!)

Body Shop Lipsticks

Now I always forget The Body Shop have a make up range! Whenever someone mentions The Body Shop my mind automatically wanders over to thoughts about body butters and hand cream. They have a huge make up range, from lipsticks and foundations to highlighters and brushes. I did a couple of swatches on my arm and it seemed pretty good!
I did intend to pick up the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser after hearing much hype but when I went back I saw someone had nabbed the last one, I shake my fist at you, whoever that was!

Newcastle Body Shop eldon square

We were all very kindly given a 50% discount, so it would have been rude not to treat myself to a couple of bits! I picked up the product that was suggested during the skin consultation, this was The Vitamin C Facial Clensing Polish I also got myself some loofah pads as I need to start exfoliating my poor dry skin. A very scary looking blackhead remover also made its way into my shopping bag, I’ve not used it yet as it looks more like a torture device than a skincare product, but all in good time!
I’ll probably do a review of the facial polish once I’ve used it long enough to see some results, so let me know if you’d like that.

After a few hours of sniffing delicious products, and mingling with the other girls (I’m totally beating myself up over being to shy to photograph people, there were some seriously awesome outfits in that place!) it was time to head home. We all got given some samples, and a loaf of bread. Yes, you read that right! French Oven Bakery very kindly supplied us with a loaf of bread each. Mmmmm.

Overall it was a lovely little event and Maddie did a fantastic job of organising it all! So a big, huge thank you Maddie!