Oriflame Ever Lasting Foundation

Today I’m going to show you my new favourite foundation, Oriflame Everlasting Foundation*
As I’ve probably mentioned a gazzilion times, I’m on a quest to find an affordable foundation that matches my pasty white complexion. I think I’ve found a strong contender.
I’m not really a make up expert, I just wear what I feel looks best on me so apologies if this review isn’t very in depth.

Oriflame Ever Lasting Foundation Porclain

I wear this foundation in the shade Porcelain (obvs) but it is available in six different shades.
This foundation comes with a pump dispenser which I love, as there’s no risk of contamination or pouring out too much foundation which are problems I’ve had with previous foundations.
If you’re wondering whether it lives up to it’s 10 hour claim, I put it on before work in the morning and it’s still there when I get home at night. So whilst it’s probably not “everlasting” It does stay on for a good few hours!
My one fault would be the smell which I feel is quite clinical. It almost smells like face wash which isn’t entirely off-putting, but still a bit odd.
Oriflme Foundation Review

Pitchforks away please people, that ain’t no ogre. It’s just me with no makeup on.
As you can see, Oriflame Everlasting Foundation offers quite a light coverage, it’s covered my red cheeks and the discolouration on my chinny chin chin. I think teamed with the perfect concealer this makes for a great everyday foundation.
The foundation is quite easy to build up, but if you’re looking for heavy coverage then keep looking my friend, this isn’t the foundation for you.

Overall I like it. I’m still searching for that perfect foundation but until then, I’ll happily use this and at £11.45 it’s not going to burn a hole in my purse.

Have you used any Oriflame products before, what did you think?
Also, does anyone know how to get rid of those little white bumps around my eyes and nose? I’ve NO idea what they are and no amount of make up will cover them!