2015 Discontinuted lush products

When I heard Lush would be introducing some of their Oxford Street exclusives into stores nationwide, never did it cross my mind that I’d have to say goodbye to some of my all time favourite. Of course, all good things must come to an end but I thought that perhaps my favourite bath products would be an exception to that rule.

This week I popped into my local Lush and stocked up like a crazy lady, frantically consulting with staff about what was safe and what wasn’t.
I thought I’d compile a list of what products will be leaving us. It goes without saying, I am not a Lush employee so please don’t take my word as gospel, this is just what I’ve heard from employees there as well as Lush social media accounts.

Lush Rose Queen

Rose Queen is a dinky little bath bomb with a sweet floral scent. It will turn your bath a dusky pink colour, whilst filling it with petals from honeysuckle and apple blossom. Rose Queen isn’t necessarily my “go to” bath bomb but it’s still a nice one to keep in the cupboard for when you what a relaxing meadowy scent.

Phoenix Rising discontinued Lush

Out of all the products to be leaving us Phoenix Rising is definitely the one I’m most upset about as there’s just no other product quite like it. It has a strong cinnamon scent with subtle hints of bergamot, which makes me feel like I’m bathing in mulled wine (totally a good thing, I promise.)
Phoenix Rising turns your bath into exotic shades of greens and purples and is filled with a blend of cocoa and shea butters which leaves your skin feeling nourished.
Apparently a girl came into my local store and bought 10, I’m definitely going to have to follow suit as it really is a product that can’t be replaced.

Grass Shower Gel

Grass is one of 2 shower gels rumoured to be leaving us, the other being Flying Fox. I can see why Grass wouldn’t be a favourite for some people, it really does smell like, well, grass. I kind of dig that though, it’s got that hippy meadow vibes going on and smells like festivals minus the smoke, vomit, and weed.
I probably wont be stocking up on more than this bottle, as there definitely are shower gels I prefer.

Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

Unlike Grass, Sweetie Pie is a product that I am gutted to hear will be leaving us. It’s scented with cherries and coconut but I personally think it’s got more of a blackcurrant scent, and isn’t dissimilar to the Comforter. Lush also sell another shower jelly, Woosh, which unfortunately isn’t vegan therefore not suitable for myself.

Lush Stepping Stone

Stepping Stone probably isn’t regarded as one of Lush’s most exciting products, but it’s a good staple for those with hard cracked feet like myself #waitressproblems guys. It’s got lime and lemongrass oils which work as an antibacterial to help tackle those whiffy cheese pongs.
I’ve noticed oxford street have a foot pumice, Pumice Power, so I’m curious as to whether that’s going to be Stepping Stone’s replacement.

Space Girl Lush Discontinued

Another one I am heartbroken about, Space GirlAnything that is covered in glitter and smells like love heart sweeties gets an instant yes from me. As well as being sweet and glittery, it’s filled with popping candy that makes your bath crackle. Need I say more? Lush had better come back with something brilliant after making me part with this.

Granny Takes A Dip discontinued

The gorgeous, gingery Granny Takes A Dip is one of Lush’s more psychedelic bath bombs, turning the bathwater a multitude of colours. I am going to hazard a guess that Granny Takes A Dip is going to be replaced with the Oxford Street bubble bar of the same name, so if you like ginger and pepper scents, I wouldn’t get too worried!

There are several more products going to be discontinued with these ones, I just wanted to say a last goodbye to my favourites! From what I’ve heard this is going to be happening next month so there’s still time to pick up any you want to stock up on.

What are your thoughts on this? Are any of your favourite Lush products getting discontinued this summer?