Quarter Life Crisis

A few days ago I had a post drafted, it was titled “quarter life crisis”. In this post, I had written about how I wasn’t enjoying studying art any more but I had no idea what else to do with my life. Basically, I wasn’t a happy bunny. I was a frustrated, down in the dumps, grumpy bunny.

You’ll be happy to hear that I’m not going to publish that particular post. Because within the space of about two days everything has fallen into place.
I’ve decided what I want to study, and where I want to take my life. (Can I get a hallelujah?)

The downside? I’ve spent the past two years studying art. The course I want to take isn’t related to art. It’s not even design based in the slightest. I want to study Media, Culture and Communication, sounds fancy doesn’t it? I made an appointment with a careers advisor, who told me I’d have to spend a year studying English and Media to get onto the uni course, which would cost me  around £300 per subject.
After an hour talking to the advisor, I felt more confused and frustrated than I had before I went in. I thought I was going to be condemned to a lifetime of art due to a decision I made at 15.
The next day I gave the uni a ring to ask them if there were any particular subjects that would give me more of a chance of getting on the course when I apply next year. The lady on the other end of the phone was the most helpful person ever, kudos to you Sunderland University Helpline! She told me that I don’t need so sit any extra courses, I just need to achieve the grade requirements (DMM). If that weren’t fantastic enough, there’s still some places left on the course, so I can send in a late entry and have the possibility of getting on the course this September!! I could have crawled up the telephone wire and kissed her if A, that were physically possible and B, there wasn’t a possibility of her filing a report for sexual harassment.

To shove it all in a sentence, I’m happy and I’ve found a course that I’m positive I’m going to enjoy. I mean, yeah I’m entering my application in a few months late, so the uni is in no way obliged to even look at it, but I’ll tackle that situation if and when it happens.

My biggest concern right now is filling in UCAS, seriously how can a website used by thousands each year, to get them into university be so SHIT?! Within the first 10 minutes of logging in, the site had crashed 4 times. How a site can crash 4 times within 10 minutes is beyond me.
The next hurdle is my personal statement, I need to completely re write it as my current one is art related. I’m not very good at bigging myself up, and I’ll need to come up with a good reason as to why art and design will help me in a media/journalism enviroment. If anyone can help me out here then holla at me, because that would be amazing!
And finally, whilst I’m attempting to get all this done, I’ll need to knuckle down and work pretty damn hard at college to meet the requirements in the first place, or there’s no chance of me getting in!

So as I’m sure you can understand, blogging is going to take the back burner whilst all this is going on. I’ll try post frequently but if you notice I haven’t posted in a bit don’t fear, I haven’t been mauled by bears or fallen down a hole. It’s more likely I’m stuck under mountains of coursework and crumpled up personal statement drafts.

I’m going to leave you with this song. I’m so in love with her voice, and it seems kind of fitting right now.