Selling clothes online is becoming as popular as buying online. Unfortunately for my bank balance, I’m a lot better at the latter, however Runway Republic is a site that enables you to do both!

Runway Republic is a new website that allows you to  Buy, Sell, and Connect with Vintage, Independant and Designer Brands.

The site is simple to navigate, like most online stores you can browse by clicking categories, or use the search bar to look for something specific. There’s also a “featured brands” page that helps you to discover the up and coming brands Runway Republic has to offer.

I’d probably describe my style as a bit quirky, whilst I like following trends and fashion I don’t like being dressed the same as everyone else, which is why Runway Republic is great for me. It allows independent brands to sell clothes, meaning you won’t be able to find any of it on the high street!
The best thing about the site is that it has items to suit every price range, so whether you’re wanting to save a bit of money or have a full-on splurge, there’ll probably be something for you.

If I were to fault this, I’d say it were that there’s not enough shops on there. But it is slowly growing and new things are being added each day! I think it would be great to see so many more brands on board because as a shopper, I like to have a lot of choice.

I thought I’d do a little wishlist to show you the sort of clothes they have on there and picked my personal favourites from the site.
I absolutely adore the cat ear sunglasses, although some bunny eared ones would be much better suited to me I think!

Runway Republic

Nice fangs top / Meow Shades / Rhombus Print Top / Scallop Dress
So if you want a pretty vintage dress, or to browse cheap designer bags then go take a looksie, you might nab yourself a gem


Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post, all comments and opinions are entirely my own