The ladyboys of bangkok

Out of all the emails to pop into my inbox, a certain one inviting myself and a guest to go see The Ladyboys of Bangkok has been by far the most exciting.
Despite seeing adverts, I’ve never actually gotten round to attending the event before, that is till now.
I excitedly asked a girl from work if she’d like to join me (of course she said yes, who wouldn’t?)

As soon as we finished work, we hurried over to the purpose built Sabai Pavilion in Newcastle. (It’s next to the Centre For Life, if you’re wondering)
After reluctantly resisting the delicious smelling food for sale in the foyer, we were shown to our table.

ladyboys of bangkok show

I had NO idea what to expect when waiting for the show to start. I mean, I had a general idea of what was involved. They’re men, that look like ladies, and they would be performing on the stage in front of me. Other than those three facts I was clueless.  I certainly wasn’t prepared for how amazing the night was going to be.

Ladyboys Newcastle

First of all the Ladyboys are gorgeous, absolutely stunning. I was in awe of the costumes and I did suffer a dose of wardrobe envy – A green and blue cut out dress in particular caught  my eye. I found myself whispering “I WANT TO BE A LADYBOY” to my friend.
Secondly, you will feel the uncontrollable urge to dance. At the shows beginning, I was happily tapping my foot in time with the music. Towards the end, I was up marching round the room to “Is this the way to Amarillo”
I really don’t want to give too much about the show away, as I felt not knowing what was going to happen next made it all the more enjoyable. But I can tell you with acts ranging from Gangnam Style, to a bit of classic Whitney, there’s certainly something for everyone.

lady boys of bangkok

The Ladyboys of Bangkok are in Newcastle until the 5th of October but make sure you check their tour dates here to see when they’ll be near you!

Have you ever been to see The Ladyboys of Bangkok before? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Let me know what you think in the comments!