One thing I love reading when it comes to blogs is outfit posts. Especially the ones taken in beautiful parks or by tranquil lakesides. Edited to look so dreamlike and breathtaking.
One thing I hate about my own blog is outfit posts. They’re all taken in my living room and I just get frustrated at how boring they are,  the only bit of colour being one of those disgusting floral stickers that you slap on the window to catch flies.

So when Scott and I visited St James’ Park in London, I jumped at the opportunity to get some outfit photos like the ones I could only ever dream of having on my blog. Handed Scott my camera and asked him to take some of my new shirt.
The result?

Pigeons. 63 photographs of bloody pigeons.

Now I must admit, I did play a part in the photographing of pigeons, I mean I took a couple of the photos and I was feeding them some bread. But I was not expecting half my memory card to filled these mangy winged creatures.

I thought, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade..
So here’s a load of photographs of pigeons, with filters and text over them to make them look all Tumblr-ific and shit.
I bring you, Just Pigeon Things

Wasting your summer

Just pigeon things 2


Just girly things parody