the vegan kind box

As you know, last month I not only decided to go vegetarian but to also only purchase cruelty free products, be it cosmetics or household. Since then I have been searching for more ethical things to put in my shopping basket.
Veganism is something I feel pretty strongly about, whilst I’m currently not vegan I hate the thought of contributing to animal cruelty by buying eggs and milk etc and a vegan diet is one that I’d definitely like to transition to. (New years resolution perhaps?)
So as you can imagine when I heard about a monthly vegan subscription box, The Vegan Kind , I was pretty darn intrigued. So intrigued in fact,  that I decided to sign myself up.

vegan box contents

Now you don’t actually have to be vegan, or even vegetarian to enjoy the contents of The Vegan Kind box I think it’s a great subscription box for people who want to try different brands, explore an ethical lifestyle, or even just people who like getting post!
The box costs £10 a month with an additional £2.95 p&p and the retail value of the products will always be more than £10, so you get your moneys worth.

Shall we take a look inside?

Salt of the earth deodrant

Salt of the Earth Travel Deodorant (RRP – £3.36)

 First of all was this little deodorant, I was really happy about this as I’ve been looking for a cruelty free deodorant. I bought one from Superdrug  but it’s an aerosol and I always manage to burn my armpits with it.  The Salt of the Earth unisex deodorant is made from mineral salts and is free from alcohol, parabens, perfumes, and well, anything that may irritate your delicate underarms.

Soapnut shells

Living Naturally Soapnut Sample Bag (RRP – £3.49)

These soapnuts are what excited me the most, it’s basically laundry detergent in the form of a dried shell. You simply pop the soapnuts into a little muslin bag and these are washed along with your clothes. You use around 4/5 nuts per wash and these can be reused around 4 times, so it works out a lot more economical than regular detergents, I really look forward to using these.

the vegg vegan egg yolk

The Vegg – Vegan Egg Yolk (RRP – £4.99)

There’s probably some form of egg in almost everything I eat, be it cake and biscuits or scrambled eggs on toast so this sachet of vegan egg yolk shall come in handy when coming up with eggless recipes!

vegan tea

QI Tea Samples (RRP – £0.20)

I’ve yet to try these but I must admit these didn’t really excite me all that much. I’m an English Breakfast or Earl Grey kinda gal. I know green tea is good for you so I’ll definitely try them, you never know, It might convert me!

vegan miso bouillon

Clearspring Organic Miso Bouillon Paste — Concentrated Vegetable Stock (RRP – £2.89)

I am very pleased with this vegetable stock. It’s a full size product as you can see, made from the highest quality natural ingredients. It comes in a paste form which is a nice change from the cheap dried cubes I usually buy.
Every month The Vegan Kind include a recipe card in the boxes (a binder to keep them in will be sent out in box 3!) and this months recipe is for leek and potato soup, so I shall be trying this stock when I make that.

Vegan Kind Recipie

Also included in the box was a packet of Goody Good Stuff Fizzy Sweets (RRP – £0.35) but I ate them before I got a chance to photograph them! I can confirm that they were not only delicious, but also gelatine free!

Overall I’m really impressed with the box, and I’m definitely going to continue my subscription.
When you register, you have to state your gender which to me suggests there could be some beauty products included in the boxes. So fingers crossed for that!

Are you registered to any subscription boxes? If so, what ones? Let me know in the comments below!