Apologies for how late this post is, eek! I’ve left my blog on the back burner for a little while now, and don’t really have an excuse other than life just got in the way.

January has already been and gone but it’s presence saw the 3rd month of The Vegan Kind* – a monthly subscription box filled with lots of vegan goodies. I get so excited at what each months box brings, and I can honestly not sing The Vegan Kinds praises enough 

vegan hand cream

Premae Skincare – Hand & Foot Cream 10ml RRP £3.50

The first thing I picked out of the box was this cute little hand and foot cream, perfect for soothing those chapped hands, destroyed by the bitter cold. Enriched with vanilla, it’s the perfect little weapon to fight those skin troubles.

Vegan Chocolate bar

Considerit Chocolate Mini truffle bar – Orange flavour RRP £1.90

You know when you eat something, and it’s so bloody good that you just want to go back in time and enjoy it again and again and again? That’s how I felt eating this, it is SO tasty, I was really reluctant to share this with my boyfriend as it’s so incredibly indulgent. I was like Miss Trunchbull, chewing up chocolates and declaring them “much too good for children” and definitely too good to share with anyone else. Seriously, so good.

pear crispsPerry Court Farm – Air dried Pear crisps 20g RRP £0.75

I don’t really pears, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that I didn’t think too much of these crisps either.
They are a pretty healthy snack being 100% fruit, totally free of any sort of preservatives, added sugar, oil, and salt. So if you’re into pears then these might be up your street!

Vegan Chocolate Pumpkin

Landgarten Organic Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Snack 55g RRP £1.99

ERMAHGERD MAHR CHERCERLERT!! I had been completely spoilt with tasty treats in this box, and these chocolate coated pumpkin seeds were no exception. It’s a very generous sized bag, perfect for snacking on the go or in front of the tv.

White radish

Clearspring Organic – Dried Daikon 40g RRP £2.49

This product was a little intimidating, I don’t think I’ve ever had radish before and I certainly haven’t tried daikon. I’ve yet to use this, but I have been googling various dishes to try it. I shall report back when I have!

Beyond bar

Beond – Organic Acai Berry Bar 35g RRP £0.99

I’ve seen these around before but hadn’t actually ever had the chance to try one! I absolutely loved the texture, but the açai berry flavour wasn’t to my taste. There is however, an apple and cinnamon version that sounds more like my cup of tea and I will certainly be giving that a go.

Overall it was a good box, with lots of healthy post-christmas snacks to keep me going. I thoroughly recommend TheVeganKind to anyone thinking about cutting down on animal products as it opens doors to whole new deliciousnesses!

Have you tried TheVeganKind or any of the products shown? I’d love to know what you think!

You can subscribe to TheVeganKind here for only £12.95 a month!