I recently purchased myself a little sewing machine, in the hopes of becoming some Martha Stewart-esque domestic goddess. So far I’ve mended a pair of trousers and made a skirt. Not much, but it’s certainly a start. I even wore my skirt to the shops yesterday and it didn’t fall apart revealing my knickers to the world which in my opinion is always a plus!

The skirt started off as a 99p charity find, ankle length and 5 sizes too big for me. I looked at the floral fabric and saw a future away from the rails of donated items so paid my ninety nine pennies and took it home. After taking my measurements I took the skirt apart at the seams, cut the panels to size  ready to put back together.  I set my machine up and sat down, where I spent a while just staring at the scraps of fabric, unsure of where to start. I took to Twitter and sent a few frantic tweets to an old classmate now studying fashion, who told me what seam would be best to use.
I worked late into the night and at around 3am came my Frankenstein moment, the lights flickered and I threw my arms up into the air shrieking “IT’S ALIIIIIIVE” whilst my skirt lay on the table complete.
(sigh. okay, no this didn’t happen but it’s a much more exciting end to the story than just me skipping merrily around the kitchen don’t you think?)

Now for some really awkward outfit shots. I don’t photograph well and as soon as a camera is pulled out I develop a weird blink that times itself perfectly with the camera shutter;  this teamed with my minuscule height makes me think genetics did everything it possibly could to ensure I never decide I want to become a model. Here’s me in my skirt regardless.

Roll Neck – H&M | Tights – Primark

Mmm nice grainy images. The lighting in my current flat is awful, only a couple of weeks till I move into my new one, with big western facing windows. Can’t wait!

I probably committed every sewing related crime during the making of this skirt, but it was just a small project to help me learn the functions of my new machine and I had fun doing so! In my opinion that’s all that matters. Hopefully soon I’ll have a bit more time on my hands so I can really practise my new found hobby.

And to finish up, I found this on my memory card. It took when I thought my remote wasn’t working. Clearly displeased with technology.

Skirt 3

Have you made or altered any clothes yourself? If so send me some links, I’d love to see!