I love Autumn. I love putting on my boots and scrunching in the colourful leaves. I love thick knitted cardigans, I love adjusting my knee high socks and wrapping a scarf round my neck before stepping out my house into the crisp cool air. But most of all, I love the food. There is nothing better than coming in putting on your cosiest pyjamas and indulging in all the rich foods that Autumn has to offer.

All this food loving has led me to compile a list of my favourite Autumn comfort foods making the most of the fruit and veg this season has to offer, to get you through these dark nights on the run up to Christmas, and over the following months I be posting the recipes for some of them, so you too have something to comfort you whilst you’re stuck inside because the weather is too miserable to leave. Enjoy.


  • Pumpkin Soup  – You can’t go in to a shop this month without seeing pumpkin spiced everything. But pumpkin soup is yummy, and warming and belongs on the very top of my comfort food list. Because there is nothing more comforting than breaking off a piece of chunky bread, and dipping it into a warm, wholesome soup. Mmm.
  • Toffee apple and blackberry crumble – Toffee apples always disappoint me, I see them with their red, shiny surface, just waiting to be cracked into, and when I do bite into it, the apple has gone soft and brown, and I’m left with nothing but a sticky face, feeling cheated. This crumble will not disappoint. I love love love crumble, it is one of the best comfort foods out there, ticking every box, warm, sweet, easy. You can have it with ice cream, custard, double cream, whipped cream. It’s just perfect.
  • Autumn Vegetable Soup – In case you hadn’t noticed, I love soup. It’s so easy, so versatile and not to mention so warm and comforting. It’s like a big hug in a bowl. Using all the vegetables that are currently in season will just make the whole soup taste fresh and really gets you excited for the months to come.
  • Syruped  pears – my mum made these for me ages ago and they were amazing. It’s the perfect autumn comfort food as pears are in season at the minute, so fresh and delicious. Bake the pears, add lots of sugar and a dash of cinnamon, then curl up on the sofa with a bowl and a spoon, you have yourself the perfect night in.
  • Hot mulled cider – I love mulled wine and it’s the epitome of Christmas, but during October and November, make way for it’s little cousin Mulled cider, apples, cloves, cinnamon, It’s the perfect autumn taste. Put something rubbish on tv, pour yourself a mug of warm spiced cider, you’ll soon stop wishing it was summer again.
  • Macaroni Cheese –  Okay, it’s macaroni cheese. It’s not exciting, it’s not imaginative. But in my opinion it’s list worthy, don’t judge me! It’s one of the easiest yet most tastiest dishes ever, and I love it. In my eyes it’s the ultimate comfort food.
  • Pumpkin and cinnamon muffins – Like I said before, Autumn means pumpkin everything! I absolutely love cinnamon, it is my favourite of all the spices, and perfect for this time of the year. If I had my way, I’d find a reason to put cinnamon in everything, until then, I shall make do with muffins. 
  • Toffee apple muffins – More toffee apples!! This time in muffin form. These go perfect with a cup of tea, and work great as a cheeky lunchbox item. Delicious.

So there you go, my list of the ultimate Autumn comfort foods, if you like the sound of them then keep an eye on the blog as in the upcoming weeks I’ll be showing you the recipes to make them yourself!