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Travelling as a vegan always comes with mixed emotions. There’s the excitement of exploring new places and submerging yourself in different cultures but then comes the little niggling in the back of your mind, asking am I actually going to be able to eat?

Stockholm was our first stop during our two month long travels around Europe and the closer it got to our flight the stronger those niggles got. What’s Swedish for milk? Am I going to live on chips?
Thankfully those worries were unnecessary as Stockholm is actually a pretty vegan friendly city! So I thought I’d put together a little vegan travel guide and share my favourite places to eat.


vegan stockholm buffet

vegan buffet stockholm

Hermans vegan buffet stockholm 1

Take a scenic walk along the riverside, and just before reaching the wonderful Fotographica museum you will find Hermans, a vegetarian buffet restaurant.

Like most places in Scandinavia, Hermans isn’t cheap however there was plenty of choice; so arrive hungry, fill your plate and belly and get your money’s worth.

Trays were filled with vegan lasagnes, curries, noodles, roasted potatoes and vegetables, as well as the usual pasta salad affairs. There was something for everyone and we went up until we were full and content. Teas and coffees were also provided so after clearing our plates we sat outside for a caffeine fix and enjoyed the beautiful waterside scenery and the remainder of the evening sun.


delivore stockholm copy

vegan grilled cheese sandwich

Located in Hornstull; an up and coming district in western Stockholm, Delivore offers indulgent lunches in a fresh atmosphere. Delivore is the ultimate vegan comfort food pit stop, with their menu boasting milkshakes and grilled cheese sandwiches.

We went for both the Smores and Oreo flavour milkshakes because when you’re drinking what is essentially blended ice cream, there’s no point pussyfooting around with fruit. Both milkshakes were topped with vegan cream and lashings of chocolate syrup.

For food we got the BBQ ‘chicken’ grilled cheese sandwich which was accompanied by a fresh salad and a good handful of crisps. The chicken was flavoursome and filling. I also ordered a pasta salad, which was nice enough but contained my sworn enemy, the olive. So I ended up leaving quite a bit.


Femtopia Stockholm

Leave the patriarchy at the door, Femtopia is a LGBT-friendly feminist vegan cafe. Shunning the traditional sleek scandinavian interiors with mismatched furniture, drawings pinned up on the walls and a big blue Smeg fridge. Femtopia felt more like sitting in a friends kitchen than a cafe; and was the perfect place to sip a brew quietly. We munched on some homemade swedish waffles topped with vegan cream and jam and watched the world go by for a while.


goodfood stockholm

Located directly opposite Delivore is Goodstore, a fully vegan supermarket stocked full of faux cheeses and meats as well as bodycare, and fresh and dry produce. For such a little shop, the range is impressive. A huge amount of different cheeses from well known Violife to local cheese brands fill the shelves. Sadly travelling meant we couldn’t try any of the refrigerated foods available, but we did pick up a bag full of dry snacks to keep us going on our journey to Copenhagen the following morning.

Sattva Naturbageriet

vegan pastry stockholm

Hidden away on one of the streets of Stockholm’s renowned Gamla Stan, is this little gem of a bakery. As we were staying in the heart of Old Town ourselves, we swung by here every morning to fill ourselves with tea and vegan pastries before setting off on whatever adventures we had planned that day.
Not everything is vegan, but there was certainly a wide range of things to choose from including croissants and cinnamon swirls all baked fresh.

Beijing 8

vegan dumplings stockholm

Beijing 8 is a chain restaurant offering asian dumplings. We popped in for a light lunch and ordered steamed veggie dumplings, broccoli, edamame and marinated chilli tofu.
The staff were helpful in pointing us towards the vegan options and everything tasted lovely and fresh and arrived really quickly. I wasn’t a huge fan of the tofu as this was served raw, which is perfectly fine but not to my taste at all.  Everything else we thoroughly enjoyed

Kaskad – Gröna Lund


Vegan Pizza Stockholm

vegan pizza grona lund

Oumph! vegan meat

Theme park food is notoriously awful, and that’s before you even start thinking about vegan options, so we weren’t expecting to be fed when visiting Gröna Lund, Stockholms waterside amusement park. We were completely blown away when stumbling upon a quick service restaurant that had multiple vegan offerings. We hastily ordered the pizza, with vegan cheese, kale, caramelized onions garlic and Oumph! No, Oumph! isn’t the noise that came out my mouth when eating, it’s a swedish meat substitute and it’s amazing! It has a similar texture to chicken and gave a addition of flavour and protein to the pizza.  I also ordered a tomato pasta which again was served with Oumph!

Geronimos FGT

vegan nachos stockholm

Apologies for the awful picture, this place was quite literally underground in a dingy little spot in Gamla Stan. Geronimos serves up Mexican style food and as its menu stated almost all dishes can be made vegan, we thought we’d give it a shot.

We ordered a burrito filled with veggies and vegan meat, loaded potato fries, and grilled corn. Everything had just the right kick, and was surprisingly filling. However this didn’t stop us turning down the hot cookie dough dessert the waitresses suggested, which came out stacked with scoops of vegan ice cream.

Again, this meal ended up being a little pricier than anything we’d have paid back home but we had to accept Sweden is just a more expensive place in general!


Overall we loved Stockholm and everything it has to offer for  those following a plant based diet. If I could I would rush back in an instance to get lost in its narrow winding streets and colourful buildings.

Thanks for reading! If you found this vegan travel guide helpful please let me know! I’m starting to get back into blogging now I have more time, so I’d love to hear about the sort of things you’d like to see from me!