Vintage cosmetic company eyelashes

Before I begin I’d like to say a huge MUCHAS GRACIAS AMIGOS for getting me to 150 followers (162 to be precise!) I know to a lot of people 150 is a teensy tiny smidgen of a number, but to me it’s huge. Considering when I started this blog the only people who read it were my mum and my gran, 150 people is pretty cray cray.

Anyway, I’m here today to talk lashes, false eyelashes from The Vintage Cosmetic Company in particular. Up until today I hadn’t ever tried fake eyelashes before (NB that’s a lie, I tried Primark lashes once, I attempted to trim them whilst they were actually glued onto my face and cut half of my real eyelashes off, then they fell off anyway. But we don’t talk about that.)
That’s right, I’m a falsie first timer. 

I probably would have went a lot longer without wearing fake eyelashes if it weren’t for A. The fact I was taking photos for a photography project and wanted an exaggerated makeup look, and B. being kindly given a pair in my FABB Events goodie bagThe idea of false eyelashes has never been one to appeal to me, and the thought of glueing hair onto my eyelid kinda makes my stomach churn a little, not to mention the thought of peeling them off. (I’m still wearing them as I type this, and am considering going to bed with them on.)

Vintage cosmetic company eyelashes gracie

First let’s take a little looksie at the packaging, anyone who knows me well should know that I’m a sucker for cute packaging. The other day I bought sanitary towels because there was ribbon on the packet, yeah, I’m that bad.
Anyway moving on swiftly, the packaging is really nice. I’ve not really been up close and personal to enough fake eyelash packaging to compare it to anything else but I like it. It’s sweet, it’s dainty. It’s definitely something I’d be drawn to if I were out eyelash shopping.
The set I have in particular is called Gracieaccording to the site these are the “Cute and Girly” set and are made out of human hair. If I’m going to be completely honest with you, I’m not all that keen on the thought of having human hair glued onto my eyelids BUT the thought of it being mink hair which some eyelashes are made from is ten thousand times worse, so I should be happy.

Vintage cosmetic company eyelashes comparison

Don’t worry, I’m not going all Clockwork Orange on you, I just wanted to show you a comparison of my eyes with and without the eyelashes on. As you can see the eyelashes make quite a big difference, they could do with being trimmed down a little as they are slightly too big for my eyelids but that can be easily rectified.
The set came with adhesive, which looked white in the tube but when I squeezed it out, turned an iridescent blue colour, which was so pretty! Yes, I know you probably don’t care about the colour of the adhesive, but I was fascinated. What can I say? I lead a quiet life.
Application itself wasn’t too difficult, I did that wafty-till-the-glue-goes-tacky technique then placed them on my eyelids. I found they lifted at the corners but I’m putting that down to the fact I’ve never done this before so was probably doing it completely wrong!

Vintage eyelashes gracie

Here’s the complete look. I must admit I’m impressed! I want to say they’re natural looking but when comparing it to my actual eyelashes that’s a lie. They are however, soft and fluttery and I don’t think I’d feel awkward wearing them as part of an everyday look.
I think they give me quite a doe-eyed look which I LOVE as I have quite small eyes, so anything that makes them look a bit bigger is a huge plus for me.
I’ve always given lashes a negative stereotype as the girls I see walking around town with them on tend to look like they’ve taped hairy caterpillars onto their face (I live in Sunderland, go figure) and I just assumed that if I wore false eyelashes, I’d look the same. But noooo, I think I look quite feminine and girly and I just want to throw on a pretty dress and blow bubbles in the park! (Sorry I’m in a good mood, apologies if my happiness is vom worthy)

Vintage cosmetic company

Extreme lash closeup! As you can see I’ve not done a very neat job of the application but with a bit of liquid liner it’s not too bad.
Overall I’m pretty impressed, they’re cute, make my eyes look bigger, and have actually opened my mind up about my fear of fake eyelashes! I highly doubt they’ll find their way into my everyday makeup routine any time soon, but I’d definitely wear them for a fancy dinner or a night out!
They retail at £6 a pair, but are reusable, so you really get your moneys worth.

What do you think of false eyelashes? I know it tends to be a love/hate marmite situation so let me know your thoughts in the comments!
Also, feel free to leave your link in with your comment, as I really like finding new blogs to read!