Scout Vintage
The other week I found myself squeezed into a little shop on Frederick Street, Sunderland for the opening of new vintage shop, Scout. Apart from the occasional fair, and a few charity shops, there isn’t really anywhere in Sunderland to buy vintage. That is, till now.

Vintage Fashion Sunderland

We were handed glasses of wine as we came in, and told that there was a little scavenger hunt happening in store and any garments found with labels with stars on were ours to take home. I went eagle eye mode and managed to snatch myself up a gorgeous scarf which I will feature in an outfit post in the near future!

Vintage Magazine

The first thing I noticed about the shop is how affordable it all is. I’ve been a bit disgruntled with charity shops lately, as I feel their prices have shot up to something extortionate. It was refreshing to see a shop that can cater to both my love of vintage, and my empty purse.

vintage burberry

The thing that probably excited me most about the whole shop is the wide selection of gorgeous Burberry trench coats, which would set you back around £50.  And no, that’s not a typo. Unfortunately, they aren’t made for people of my teensy tiny 5ft height and when I tried one on, it went down to my feet. A girl can dream though, eh?

vintage ginghaam dress

I got the chance to chat to Angela, owner of Scout and it’s clear how passionate about it she is. She explained how exciting it is finding different items, and showed us a gorgeous dress from the 60s and told us she loved the idea that someone would have went out dancing in the dress and could have seen a number of exciting bands. Hannah actually purchased the dress, which made me a little envious.

vintage shop sunderland

I can’t wait to spend my weekends popping in here and rummaging through rails of vintage.

Do you like vintage? Have you any exciting shops where you live? Let me know in the comments