Vintage Magpies logoToday I’m going to have a little rave about Vintage Magpiesbrainchild of the ever-so-lovely Sarah (who also blogs).
Sarah contacted me and a few other girlies asking if we’d like to get involved with the exciting opening of her online shop. After hearing all about her background and adventures (English girl, living in france. Bored of overpriced vintage and wanting to create a brand that is unpretentious and friendly. After selling on Ebay and then ASOS Marketplace she is now opening her very own online independent shop) I was really excited to get started!

Vintage Magpies Shirt
Sarah let us all pick an item from the Marketplace, I was drawn to the beautiful blouses and opted for a gorgeous lace one. My first observation was at how cheap it all was! Most items were around about £10. Which is crazy good, especially when comparing it to my local charity shops, one of which is currently selling a hideous old jumper with a HUGE gaping hole in the front for an extortionate £12 pounds, it’s amazing.
The blouse came surprisingly quickly, I thought it would take a little while as it was coming over from France but no, a pink parcel was popped through my front door within a few days. Inside the pink parcel there was ANOTHER parcel, all wrapped up and taped to the front was a single white rose and a sheet of stickers. Stupidly I didn’t get any photos but I can assure you it was awesome, I mean, there was a unicorn sticker and everything!
Vintage lace ShirtAnd here is the blouse. I love the detail, I’m not normally a fan of gold anything but the buttons are my second favourite bit (the first being the collar) I love the little embedded diamantes.
I wore this in London with a yellow skater skirt, but as you probably know from reading this post, no decent pictures of the actual outfit itself were taken. SO this is take 2, and ACTION.

Vintage BunnyI actually wore this yesterday when I went to meet Amy for tea. But I decided to throw it on again this morning for an outfit shoot. Oh and whilst I remember, Amy is also doing a post on Vintage Magpies, so keep your beady eyes peeled for that.
The dress is just an old hand me down, originally from Whistles London, I thought it looked quite cute over the top of my blouse and I feel rather dapper in it, if I do say so myself.
bunny vintage magpies
Please excuse the state of my hair and face, I’m having a lazy-about-the-house-day and bothering with hair and make-up, Ain’t nobody got time for that! Bunny making yet another appearance on the blog. He’s a silly old sniff, and melts my heart sometimes. Hopefully sometime soon we will be hearing the pitter patter of another set of paws as we will be getting another bunny! I promise I will stop there though, there’s only so much bunny my outfit posts can take!!

Vintage Magpie Label

So what do you think of the shirt? I’m pretty darn smitten with it. Do let me know if you buy anything from the store, I’d love to have a nosey at your purchases.
Don’t forget you can find Vintage Magpies all over the tinterwebs. But I’ll give you a little list of links as I’m good to you like that.

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