What's in my bag title

I’ve been reading blogs for quite a while now, and one of my favourite kind of posts to read has got to be the “What’s in my Bag?” posts. Partly because I’m a nosey little so and so and partly because.. no wait, okay, entirely because I’m a nosey little so and so.
During one of the #lbloggers chats on twitter the other week, the bag posts were brought up, I admittedly said my bag is too much of a mess to ever do a post on it, then confessed I found a dog biscuit in my bag the other week, which is probably entirely normal for some, but I don’t actually own a dog..

But it got me thinking, are peoples bags actually as tidy and organised as their blog post portrays? Or do they fish out the sweet wrappers and two year old receipts before photographing their bags content?  I want to believe it’s the latter, otherwise this next bit is going to be pretty humiliating.
I’ve decided I want to do a bag post, because I’m curious as to what the hell is in my bag. I know it wont be a pretty sight.
I picked one of my most frequently used bags, (my most frequently used bag is probably my Mickey Mouse backpack, but I opted out of featuring that one, I do want to save some face you know) It’s an old thing I got from H&M about two years ago, it’s not the prettiest of bags but it has lasted me well, and is a great size for taking to college.

Reaching into my handbag may be like thrusting my arm onto an unknown abyss of lint and pencil shavings, but as Albert Einstein once said:

“If a cluttered handbag is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty handbag a sign?”

What’s that? Desk?  He said cluttered desk?
Hmm no, I’m pretty sure it was handbag.


SO ANYWAY here’s the contents of my bag dumped onto my sofa. It’s honestly not as bad as I thought it was going to be, I was expecting a new civilisation to have formed between the folds of cotton and polyester. By no means is it what I’d call organised, but at least there’s nothing living in there.

bag contents

Let me list what there is for you, There’s my purse, a compact mirror, a bulldog clip, an SD card, my diary, a WHSmiths gift card, the pull tie from a drink possibly a smoothie?, Go Ahead bar wrapper- empty, old scraps of college work, Ikea leaflet and matching pencil, two different nail polishes, hand sanitiser, broken Swatch watch, packet of Squares – full, elastic band, 2 hair ties and a kirby grip, Frank Turner ticket, bottle opener pen knife, eye liner, drawing pins, 2 green buttons, 25p, an Iron Man temporary tattoo, pens and pencils, a rubber, ink stained napkins from various establishments, a scrunched up plastic wallet, sweet wrappers – empty (obvs), nail brush, my sisters mitten, empty McDonalds salt sachet, lens cap, the corner of a playing card, a roll of sellotape, and  a wine gum.

Okay, when I list it all like that, it does seem like a lot..
As if you weren’t disgusted enough, here’s a closer look at a few of the items.


 My diary – probably the only organisational tool I own. I love it. I ordered it from Korea and it is ridiculously cute, full of colour and little illustrations  I don’t think I could purchase another diary, hopefully they’ll do a 2014 edition.
Hand sanitiser – Useful for taking to college, and to use before eating when you’re out and about. Despite the mess inside my bag I am quite a clean person!

ticket, notes plastic wallet

Frank Turner ticket – The date on this ticket shows how often I clean my bag out. This ticket is from 4 months ago. Utterly disgraceful.
Lists – I have an abundance of lists laying around my house, all written on scraps of paper with my awful handwriting scrawled all over it. I’m constantly losing them, you’d think I’d download a lost app on my phone, but apparently not.
Hair bobbles – I’m always buying packs of hair bobbles, maybe next time I should just search the bottom of my bag


My Phone – I’m not a great lover of pink, it just doesn’t suit me, but I AM a lover of bunnies, and anything related to rabbits. It makes sense for me to own this adorable phone case, I saw it before I even owned an iPhone, and knew I had to have it. it was pretty pricey (£11!)  but I got it from Paperchase, and things in there do seem to be expensive in my opinion.


Iron Man temporary tattoo –  Ladies, you’re telling me you don’t carry around an Iron Man tattoo in your handbag? Lies. Oh speaking of Iron Man who’s excited for Iron Man 3?! I am. My cinema tickets have already been purchased for the 12am screening. Can. Not. Wait.

So there we go, the contents of my handbag. Thrilling. You’ll be pleased to know I gave it a good clear out after this. (I lie, I threw it all back in, I’ll clean it another day)

Have you written any posts about what’s inside your bag? If so PLEAAASSEEE leave your link in the comments below, I need to feed my nosey obsession!