Today is World Meat Free Day, a topic in which I feel pretty strongly about. I mean, who in their right mind would go meat free? Like ok yeah I see your point, eating animals is wrong but there’s simply no way I could live on salad alone.

So in light of World Meat Free Day, I thought I’d list a few of the reasons I could never say bye-bye to bacon.

First of all, vegans live on a plant based diet, and plants are gross.

Tomato and avacado bagel

In fact, plants are just just generally pretty unappatising.

There’s something about green food that’s just so off putting.


Stuffed courgette vegan


Just talking about vegetables makes me need a double bacon cheeseburger. Like, now.

Veganburg san fransico

And never having pizza again? Well it’s just not worth thinking about.

vegan pizza herb garden


I mean, a proper cheesy pizza anyway.

vegan pizza zizzi


No burgers, no pizza, no hot dogs either. It would just be too much of a miserable existence.


v revolution hot dog


Thinking about going vegan? Well say bye to cake, pie or any baked goods whatsoever.


vegan salted caramel cake

Nope, no cute lil’ instagrammable cupcakes for vegans.

vegan cupcakes


You can’t make doughnuts out of plants, either.

vegan doughnut and croissant

Vegans don’t eat eggs so who knows what they eat for breakfast. Dry toast and an apple, probably

scrambled tofu on toast

They definitely can’t start the day with anything indulgent anyway.

vegan pancakes

Lastly, the main reason I will never be able to go vegan.. cheese.

No nachos stacked up with sour cream and con queso. No cheese and onion toasties for lunch. Nothing, but a sad and pitiful existence.

vegan nacho cheese

So there’s my list of reasons why going vegan is an awful idea. I hope I’ve made anyone considering ditching meat to think twice.
There’s simply no way you can swap your animal based favourites, for a cruelty free option. Oh wait..